Sunday, May 30, 2010

With a High of 27 Degrees!

Hey I am being different and writing my post on the wrong side of the page :D

So right now life isn't very exciting... Wait let me rephrase that... Life right now is SUPER VERY EXTREMELY OFF-THE-WALL relaxing, and I am enjoying ever minute of it! The weather is also been SUPER VERY EXTREMELY OFF-THE-WALL awesome. It has to be the best weekend since like forever. The weather was so awesome that Me and Ben went to the beach twice, Gotta work on that tan for camp... Ohh Speaking of camp... I found out that I will be working 7 weeks at Northland Bible Camp this year. So that news has made me SUPER VERY EXTREMELY OFF-THE-WALL happy. This will be the best summer of my life. Even better then last year and last year was pretty good, Sad part is I wont be posting very often. 

Anways here is my weekend.

Friday night after Ben's fight, Me, Zach, Nathanael, Ben, and Dan John all hung out all night and watched YouTube Videos . (you guys might like this one)

On Saturday Me and Ben went to the prayer breakfast at the chapel, then to steve's study which was also at the chapel, then to the gym, and then we went to the beach which I mention before and finally we went to College & Careers... Ohh! did I mention that we played Nerf at the chapel after C&C.

On to Today, I went to chapel then I played football and it was fun, I was the best player I got a bunch of touchdowns and made a lot of sweat because I am a Man, Man! Tonight after chapel Me, Ben, and Zach all Skyped with Joel for 2 straight hours and it was the greatest thing since sliced ham.

Anywho that was my weekend and I got to work in th... Scrap that... I don't work tomorrow, I get to sleep in...! It must suck to be in school eh?

Nolan Out!


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  1. Blowing the whale up was the best worst decision anybody has ever made ever and I fully approve of it.