Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yesterday Today

Just because I realize that by this point, you’re all so very fed up with our pointless posts that serve to do nothing more than outline our days events, I have decided to create a post that does nothing more than outline my days events!

This, my friends, is redundancy at its finest!

Aye, so, to begin…

Yesterday began as pretty much any other day might. I managed to somehow defeat the grips of gravity and escaped from my bed. However, I realized that I would once again need to ride my bike to school! The reason for this will become apparent later (I like to make you all wait on pointless details). I got to school, which was not, as I had hoped, infested with either Zombies, Mutants, Nazis, Pythons, Terrorists or even Mexicans. After this initial disappointment, I went on to class. Which was boring, but now my teacher has me helping him with the very type of computer questions that he teaches. So I got to revel in my superiority for a bit. Then lunch, Law class, and Calculus. Boring stuff, and as sadistic as I am, I wont force any of you to read a boring description of an already boring class.

Finally, I hopped on my bike, and went over to the Simards place to see Iron Man later that night! This was good fun, and we discovered that in an alternate reality, Coffee has become the socially frowned upon habit of note, and that anybody caught “sipping” is ostracized and looked down on.

Right! Well, DEAR still isn’t over, so I suppose I need to keep writing don’t I?

Next week is grad week… Probably my least favorite time of the year. Now, a lot of people don’t understand why I hate it… But allow me to put it in my perspective
  • I need to go to the Grad ceremonies, stand around in a ridiculous outfit until its your turn to be handed a piece of paper. HOW MANY PIECES OF PAPER HAVE I GONE THROUGH IN A YEAR!
  • I need to go to Prom, and sit around all awkward and dressed up, as people around me talk about this date or that, engage in dancing (one of the worst ideas that have ever struck mankind) and this goes on for HOURS
  • I need to listen to people talk about all of these grad week parties where they go to intentionally get ridiculously drunk and other such low-moral-fiber deeds.

In conclusion: Not my favorite time of the year!

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