Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Poem Abut Nolan By Shawna Patton

Shawna Patton

You don't know me I don't know you

but what we have in common is
pretty cool

yes nolan sometimes is dull and lame

thats probably
why he doesn't have a dame

to look at him must be very ruff

to top it all off he's not even buff

when he goes to the gym, one might

that Nolan only uses the 1 pound weights

that brings us
now to his shear awesomeness

which most mistake for straight up

you might wonder how I know him so well

but then
realize its easy to tell

that to be related to him

his cousin
would know that Nolan is dim.

this was a joke I hope you all

as plainly his muscles continue to grow

and his Facebook is
filled with comments from girls

just the thought of his smartness makes
my head swirl

so we all know of the legend of Nolan

is so
totally, cool and awesome

DISCLAIMER: Nolan and awesome do rhyme
all of the time so this you must never deny.

Nolan here, and am sorry for my extreme laziness... I pulled Nathenael and got someone else to write a Blog for me... Feel free to call me a slacker... or a Wietawd...

I'll make my own post later!

Nolan and Shawna out!

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