Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just Some Harmless Trespassing!!

Recently I went to spend a day at my grandparent's house in the South end. Every summer I spend a day with them and my Memere shows me her garden. The garden looks the exact same every year, and every year she tells me the exact same thing, and every year I fake interest. Well, this year I apparently faked interest a bit too much.
We still had a couple of hours before I would be going home so she asked me if I would be interested in looking at the gardens that belong to her "friends." Not wanting to hurt her feelings, I went along with it.

We walked down a few streets and we got to this beautiful house. My Memere made the observation that there were no cars in the driveway - meaning no one was home. We got to the side of the house and she looked around a bit and then she opened the gate. I asked if it would be O.K. to look at the garden with no one home. She then told me that she does it all the time. She then brought me to SEVEN extremely expensive looking houses, with no cars in the driveways and showed me their backyard gardens (all of which were fenced in).

We trespassed on eight private properties, and my Memere says they are all her "friends" and that she does this ALL the time. I am seriously shocked that she has not yet been arrested, or caught by the owners and told to get a life :P

I love my family :D

I Work and Make Money and Stuff!

Ello readers.
In case none of you have really noticed; I've got myself posting once every 2 days now. My theory is that either Lauren will fill in the days inbetween, or one of the other bloggers will post from the grave and tell us what the afterlife is like!

In other news: I started working at the Credit Union on second avenue yesterday... It's EXACTLY like I imagined it. I sit in a perpetually freezing server room (the servers are air conditioned to prevent heating issues) and write SQL queries to make reports for the bank on various things. It's quite fun actually. I get to browse through massive databases full of personal information and laugh at peoples names!

I also discovered my dad has 3 middle names today. I got bored and looked at his entry, was really surprised to see he had like the longest name within 10 pages.

And now I'm at home doing my usual stuff and working on whatever doomed project strikes my fancy. Seems some things never change about summer.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Of Birthdays

Interesting thing about Birthdays: thanks to Facebook, it is now the one day of the year when you can pretend your popular! Really, its the only day where people stop and say to themselves... "Whats this? A birthday reminder? Hmmm.... Hey, I remember that Mike kid! He was weird! I'll go wish him a happy birthday and maybe he wont kill me someday!"

Or something like that at least.

Anyway, the day was great! I went to town and forced myself to guzzle down a 4 course serving of Sizzling Wok at the food-court (Yeah, I know its just cheap Chinese fast food... But that Lemon pork is GOOD!), then my Mom took me over to sears for a gift... but I got scared away by these really menacing creatures called price tags. Besides! Who needs Clothing! The only good gift has lots of USB ports and LED lights on it!
After that I came home and... had more Chinese! Except we ordered an insane amount, (like a Sarlo sized helping!). By this point I feel like I've gained 50 pounds.
Then Philippe stopped by, which, by the way, was very nice of him... I think it's the first time somebody's gone out of their way to see my on my birthday! Remind me to buy him a expensive gift on his.

But yeah! A good day in all! Though in retrospect... I really need to question why a guy who pretty much cant taste orders so much food for a birthday.

And so... Onwards towards another year of my life! Maybe this time around I'll die! I'll be sure to blog about it if I do!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Staying up

So there's still one thing that I've never done successfully before... and that's stay up all night.

Never really had reason to I suppose, it's mostly a stupid idea. Less efficient use of time is really about all it amounts to. But hey, I start work on Tuesday and after that is University so I figure this might be my last chance to go ahead with it and have no repercussions.

And so, here is my hourly log, updated as each hour passes by:

I finished watching some Star Trek Voyager with my dad, and then went over some of the preliminary scripting of Act I of Moonlaser. What this means in English, is that I'm sitting here experimenting with crap to see what would work well in a game. One of the ideas I've hit upon is using different expressions on the faces for Nolan or any other main characters. Which means I'm going to need to get him to do some picture taking sometime soon. (Nolan loves to take pictures of himself, he has a hidden collection of them and normally falls asleep admiring his own likeness)
By the end of the night I want to aim for being 1/4th done all of the programming for the whole game. It's an absurd goal, but hey Will Wright (The guy who made Sim City) used to say: "Reach for the moon, expect dirt, block in somewhere in-between).
Worked for him. He's a bloody millionaire now.

Working on the first puzzle of the game, I need to program a keypad.I'm doing so from the ground up, so its quite a bit harder then it might sound. The engine is NOT made to do this sort of thing, but i'll coax it out somehow!
As far as coping through the night goes, I'm faring well so far, but that's not surprising, seeing as I'm up till 3:00 AM most days anyway.

I'm done that keypad now, moving on to the second set of puzzles. But you know, eventually I hope this game gets done, so maybe I should stop writing about exactly what I'm doing! And while were on the subject, if there's are anybody out there who is decent at both correcting bugs and spelling, send me an email at
I really could use somebody to test Act I, just as soon as I finish it of course.

Matt came down and attempted to forcibly turn off my computer. He wants to murder me today because I accidentally cut some plastic off a case to a new game of his. Sooo he tried to push the power button, but of course, my computer needs to be hotwired to turn on or off, so that didn't accomplish much. Afterwards I moved my rig into my bedroom and continued working.

Still at it, making alot of progress, pretty much over half way done towards my goal. Getting harder to concentrate, and even harder to be witty. I hope the quality of the work doesn't suffer at all. Also, I went to the toilet and ended up sorta half falling asleep there... Just thought i'd throw that in.

Slowing down... My eyes hurt so much, and my brain cant hold a decent line of thought. Why am I doing this? Can I go to sleep soon? Will I ever sleep again? What is sleep?

The Sun has come up, so I'm being really cheap and calling it a night. Goodnight all, wake me around 7 PM tomorrow.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hello 18, and Driving

Hello readers! Sorry for my brief absense. But I'm back and.....

I'm 18 :D YAY!!!!!!!!!

So, I just got back from my first day of Driver's Training. Sooooooo boring.
The guy is kind of funny, but unfortunatly there's this guy in the class who has to talk ALL the time, about pointless things. He thinks he's funny and he even laughs at his own stories, but he isn't funny, so it's just super annoying.
So in the spirit of driving, I decided to post pictures and videos of what I hope won't happen to me. But you never know, I will probably be a TERRIBLE driver.

Holdin' The Fort

This Blogs fought a long hard war for nearly half a year now, and it looks to me were heading into a bit of a trouble-spot now.

With Nolan and Ben gone to camp, Nathaniel being a horrible slacker comparable even to a Desrosiers, Abe out waging his crusade against all things evil, Joel having buggered out, and Lauren presumably, uh... doing her hair or some such girl thing... The only one left around these parts seems to be yours truly for the time being.

It's a shame how summer seems to kill us all, eh? Luckily for you however dear readers, I have discovered the secret to summer's curse. You see, it only targets people who have a life. Having none myself, I am thankfully immune to it's grasp!

So: I look forward to keeping you all informed about how utterly boring and dull my summer is!

Thursday, June 24, 2010



Have you ever been afraid of something?

Have you ever ran from it?

Have you ever been stalked?

Have you ever stumbled upon an Awesome Blog while searching for Hippo Racing?

When you get scared do you make weird sounds like "hubababa" Or "Blubahaha"?

Do you Fear Cotton Balls?



Has Some one chased you with the thing you feared most?

Do you want me to get to the point?

Okay here is the point...

But I warn you, the following video is rated "EF" for Extremely Funny!

Nolan Out!

Survivors Log

Day Two; 25 hours, 2 minutes after escape.

This is the journal of one who has found himself free from the icy grasp of that institution known as Highschool. I submitted myself to that system for a few years of my life... Years I fear I will never get back. The atrocities I witnessed there, the gross amount of horrible loss and disrespect for our human rights... It's all etched in my mind permanently. But no more will I need to endure, for now, like a man saved from vampires by Abraham Lincoln once said: I am free.

It's hard to describe really, this feeling of total freedom. It's almost as if I never actually went to school and had to see the daily whippings, execution of Mexicans for sport, or unfair homework assignments. In fact, my mind is still struggling with the idea that I don't have any more slave labor to do. I even found myself recently sitting at my work table and reaching for my binder to try and start work for the day... only to realize of course that I had none to do! It took me a few minutes of stunned silence to fully comprehend this.

If One stays in an institution like that for so long it inevitably begins to be all he knows, all he's capable of. Life without it seems dull and slow, you begin to miss the beatings and even the dreaded "Essay Projects"... Well maybe not the Essays. Those were a pain.

My time is mostly being filled by idling about, trying to comprehend this total lack of responsibility. I stayed up till 3 last night. 3 AM. AND I WOKE UP AT 12:30. THAT'S LONG AFTER SCHOOL STARTS. But Aye, besides destroying my sleeping habits, I'm also putting this new-found time into a certain Laser of the Moon variety.

Stay safe, and to whoever finds himself reading this humble log, if you're still in school, remember: They may take away your liberty, your time, and possibly your left arm, but they will never take away your freedom.

Or maybe they will. They're jerks like that.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

School Highlights

Well then, Poll Shenanigans aside now, lets move back onto the more blogsman-like posting shall we?

School is out. Its Done. I took a picture of it as I left and then never looked back.
If my dad ever asks me to help him work there, I will refuse because I don't intend to ever step foot in that Light Forsaken place ever again.

Of course, that's not to say it was all bad... Sure, I hated having to sit around doing nothing every day at lunch, or endure Mr. Martins somewhat pitiful excuse of teaching in Tech class... Or even just putting up with people in general.
(People are nasty and generally smell bad. But they also catch fire easy!)

But yes, it wasn't all bad. Some days made the whole thing worth it... Usually at the cost of my grade but hey, whatever.

Some examples of these moments that made school worthwhile include:

Writing an essay about Gun Control based on the argument that we need lighter regulations if Canada is to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse. (For some reason, I still got an 80% on that!)

Creating an animated 3D chart instead of using bristleboard. That was Great. What was not great was having my teacher hug me in front of the class. That was awkward.

Turning Math class into Starcraft Tactics class! We had a young student teacher come in for two weeks... Me and 2 other guys discovered he played Starcraft, and from then on very little math was done.

Having a mad Scientist teach me Calculus.

Meeting Sharayah, then talking about WoW for hours on end every day. (You in the back, shut up)

Creeping random people out in the hallways by looking REALLY serious and depressed then Glaring at them. And finally bursting out laughing after they pass.

Being a Judge and Convicting my teacher

Refusing to answer a homework question seriously because I had done it 3 times already. The question was something like: "Was the World Health Organization's SARS travel warning warrented? Did the media over saturate the issue? And what steps can be taken to avoid racial bias in situations like the SARS epidemic"
To which I replied: "No, but in truth SARS was just a cover-up for a Martian Invasion, so it was warranted." "Yes the media did cover the outbreak to an excess, but only because the government wanted people to fully believe the story" And "Who cares. After WW3 race wont matter anyway since we'll all be mutants."

Growing facial hair and becoming instantly popular for a day. I mean seriously, what is with that? I honestly just forgot to shave for a few days... It dosent even look nice.

And finally, the last moment of the year. Right before Exams start I say to the class: "Goodbye all, you probably wont ever see me again. Best of luck with Life and all that" And then walking out to take my exam in the resource center (Computers are always better for exams with essays)

Yeahhhh... Good times...

Anywhos, what about you, neverpresent readers? Whats your best memory of school?

This is what happens to double voters.

IP trace has shown that most of the 31 votes for Nate have come from the same source. I think its easy to guess who that was.

Gnomes were dispatched in large numbers, and if reports are to be believed, Nate is now a lot more pulpy, mostly a red liquid and really more like a stain on the floor then anything else.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Who cares if there's a potentially poisonous gas that could cause an long as I get 5% off

Hello Everyone! So sorry for my absence the last couple of days. I had a really busy weekend. I studied....A LOT!

So let's start with yesterday. I go to work and it smells like there was an electrical fire, but worse. My eyes were burning and I couldn't breath. So we had to call the fire department. They sent 5 firetrucks, you know in case of an explosion. Anyway, then we had to kick out all the customers (Who, by the way are INSANE) Instead of leaving (like NORMAL human beings) they demanded to know what the clothes were being marked down to so they could save money, they were doing this while outside because the firefighters were inside dealing with the problem. They were such a pain. They didn't understand that I need a computer to know the mark downs....and I was OUTSIDE. Not to mention the fact that there was something seriously wrong with the air supply in our store, but nooooo discounts come first. Seriously!
Anyway, it ended up being nothing. We turned off the air conditioning and the light that was producing the smell and let the customers back inside, the remainder of my shift was spent behind the building (and I got paid for it), so pretty awesome job in my opinion.

I had my last exam of high school!!!! That's right, I am officially done with high school and all the drama that goes along with it. After wards my friends and I decided to go to Kelsey's for a celebratory lunch. After eating our meal, the workers came out and sang Happy Birthday to me (since I'm turning 18 THIS Friday.... I know sooooo exciting!) And it was a complete shock for me, it was nice to be remembered :D
Now I'm at home. I just finished reading everything that people wrote in my yearbook, I am still tearing up :(
On one hand it's awesome leaving, yet it's sad saying goodbye to all the people I've come to love. I hope everyone had/has an awesome last day of school. SUMMER TIME HAS ARRIVED

Until next time!
Lauren (or what my friends at school call me: Buffs!!!)

Now I know there wasn't actually a fire, but I thought these were pretty funny :P

Feeling Water Logged? JUSTIN BIEBER


Ahhh fan photos...I swear by putting Justin Bieber in every blog title will make our blog views higher by like 13253461324634263 million little girls, and some old fat ladies.

The fact is, Justin Bieber just is that cool. I mean... Who can't write cheesy loves songs, pretend to rap with head honchos like Usher? I mean SERIOUSLY! Everyone wanted a mini Eminem. Of course Justin, like any other rising star will soon become corrupted by hollywood and turn to drugs and naked photos. (I wonder how many girls search "Justin Bieber naked") Creepy. 

I think the ABSOLUTE worst Justin Bieber fans are his MALE ones. Have some respect for yourself.

There's a hillarious website you can check out called "Lesbians who look like Justin Bieber"

How come pictures don't post on the blog anymore?

A week in Timmins...

So I apologize for my lack of posting, and if you are getting upset well I did tell you I was leaving.

Anyways my week in Timmins so far has been AMAZING. And I guess I should start at the beginning...

So The 1st part I'd like to mention of this trip is the fact that I really dislike buses, but more then buses I HATE trees. I know, I know save the trees and all that crap, but like COME ON there are so many trees between Sudbury and Timmins... I Nolan Sarlo Support Logging... 

So once I got to Timmins Joels brother James, Beatrice, and Jenna came to pick me up at the Bus station and brought me to Joels house where at least half of Timmins was just chilling. So for the rest of the night we just chilled.

On Sunday we went to church. They had lunch-in at church. I ate food at Church. After church we were supposed to go and hang out with some other friends but that didn't happen, me and Joel started talking and missed the bus. Then at 7 we went to a BBQ and ate more food. Then we came back to Joels house and watched a Movie. Then we went to bed. (This I found out was opposite Sunday, See below for my Opposite day list)

On Monday we had to wake up early to Re-Shingle Joels roof... I did not wake up early. I also found out that using a wheel barrow makes you look like your working when you really aren't. After those happenings we all headed over to watch a Skateboarding competition. It was fun. then we went to Breanna's school's award ceremony, I'd tell you want she won, BUT SHE GOES TO A FRENCH SCHOOL! 2 Hours of nothing but this guy speaking French, IT WAS UBER BORING! But after that we went to Breanna's house and went swimming and bonfire and hangout. Then we left and went to Jesses house and Sat in a sauna for like 3 hours, it was AWESOME.

And right now I want to go to sleep...

P.S. here is my Favorite  stuff about Opposite Day:

  1. Roofing a House.
  2. Being Beatrice's Friend, She's SO pretty.
  3. I Love Couples, No Need for Bible Space.
  4. Muti-Tasking for The new iPhone is AWESOME.
  5. Pooping my Pants in the bath tub.
  6. Falling in the Mud
  7. Getting a Nail stuck in my foot, This is the Best.
  8. Lame Movies
  9. No Cell Service
  10. Trees, GO GREEN!

Nolan Out!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Round 2! Ready? FIGHT!

Another Poll bites the dust today. Yes, I know, its sad. It was a good poll, and i'm sure we'll all miss him/her.

But, for once, the verdict is inconclusive! After a massive, record-breaking 34 votes, here are the results:

12 Votes (35%)

Abraham Lincoln
2 Votes (6%)

Eric Idle
0 Votes (0%)

Nate Elliot
12 Votes (35%) 1 Vote (3%)

Shigeru Miyamoto
1 Vote (3%)

Sparky The Fire Safety Dog.
4 Votes (12%)

3 Votes (9%)

And as always, here's the facts we can gather from these results:

  • Nate Elliot is a morally decrypt and Smelly fool
  • Abraham Lincoln isn't as popular as he used to be. Better luck next election Abe.
  • Eric Idle has become the first poll option not to receive any votes! Which is strange.
  • Nathaniel or Keegan aspires to be a Japanese game designer who loves puppets.
  • More people want to be like Hitler than Abe! THIS IS WRONG
  • Sparky The Fire Safety Dog is quite the rolemodel!
  • And finally, Nate Elliot is generally pathetic.
  • Also, Batman is better. In every way. And the votes never came close.

 Yeah, maybe I tinkered with Nate's count a bit... *sigh* BUT ITS JUST NOT RIGHT! NOT AT ALL!

Batman is an emblem of Awesome, a Proponent of Justice, a Symbol of all things bad guys should fear...
And Nate? He aint nothing but a scrawny kid with a strange sense in clothing.

So what gives! This demands a round 2!
And so, let me present to you all the first poll with only 2 options:

It will only take a minute

So, I'm sitting at my parents computer with near dial-up speed (yes I had to work to get my way to this page) and its the middle of the night. So I have decided I should inform you of my weekend. First, there are several things you forget when you haven't lived at home for some time, things that I have rediscovered.

1. Some people do actually go to bed at reasonable hours

2. Some people have way to much food in there house and its not good for my weight

3. Some people have way to many grandchildren (5) under the age of 8 at there house

4. Grandchildren under the age of 8 are louder than a fighter jet crashing into a barn filled with screeming pigs.

5. I think I realize why middle age men have so much hair loss....they pull it out because of loud children

6. Some people actually are offended when you burp or fart at the table.

So yeah, those were a few things I was reminded of this weekend. I might also add that I HATE childrens swing sets and clubhouses. The weekend that was supposed to be spent relaxing was spent building a playhouse for the small children. Now I didn't have a problem with this untill after 3 hours we had just got the base done. After that I was unimpressed, by the time we finished....late afternoon the NEXT DAY, I was ready to burn it down!!! Not to sound like a lazy bum, but wouldn't a wii have been easier? Anyway, the rest of the weekend has been pretty good and the day after tomorrow I head for sudbury and then Timmins.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Past Youtube Life


I mean Really? REALLY?!?




Hi, my name is Mallory and I love hanging out with my Christian friends: they're sooo cool. Today was my first poolside experience with my Christian buds and the first thought that popped to my head was "Where do I get a wet suit to cover up?!". Don't be offended now; I'm not familiar with the Christian code. So Joel came to pick me up and as we were biking happily through South Porcupine (Ghettoville), I asked him "I hope God loves fat people too!"-- in reference to my large Jewish body. I'm not really Jewish by the way... Although I do enjoy talking on the phone with Betty. 

I have also celebrated Yom Kippur... not showering for a whole day or eating sucks. I will never be Jewish. Enough about the Jewish religion, today I have made a revelation that Christians all have fantastic talents. Most of them can sing and shoot a gun. OH and I found out they can hold hands too! 

I love my Christian friends. I have a feeling this is going to be a FUN summer (alcohol NOT included). 

Love all you Christians out there,

Mallory (you're non-Christian friends)

P.S Someone has to convert me ASAP!


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Half Way to 300, And the Giant Fort.

Hey guys! so we're currently at 253 posts and that was pretty fast compared to previous records haha. Maybe it's because we invited a woman on board... They talk alot so that could be the cause. 

Anyway, so last night I went to Cochrane with my youthgroup to a youth rally. It was of course one of Pastor Pat's (The youth leader and pastor there) masterpieces. I remember in 2009 he created a giant, and when I say giant I mean GIANT snowfort. It was truly insane. You first walked through an underground tunnel decked out with glowsticks for lights. The tunnel was so big that it took about five minutes to go through, once you were through this tunnel you entered into the main area. It was a HUGE auditorium made out of snow, the roof was so big that it needed a tarp to hold it up. At the front was a huge ice stage and SHOELESS playing. It was truly amazing.

This year Pat didn't let us down one bit. He sent out a challenge to break down a fort him and his team had built. Little did we know it was guarded by fire hoses and soggy donuts. That's right... Soggy donuts. Now before you could get to the castle you had to walk down an endless trail. OF COURSE Brandon, Jesse, and I used our creative minds and went to a nearby junk pile, found two bikes and a shield. After fixing the bikes numerous times we peddled our way to victory! Only to realize that by the time we got there the war was over!

Now, the for was HUGE, it was about the size of half the playing field at camp. No joke. It had a sweet gate and a mud wrestling pit where Wally dominated against the other youth leaders! Except one of the youth leaders bridgette, who AMAZINGLY didn't fall down!

I'll get some pictures of the fort up as soon as Breanna Posts them.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Abraham: The true past..

Seven-score and five years ago I was at the prime of my presidential career; then, unexpectedly, a strange yet prodigious thing came to be. I was attacked.. not by the one known as John Wilkes Booth; nay, someone else...something else, a creature; not quite human but not quite animal. At first I was worried, not for my own well being, but for the well being of my country; Americans strong and brave. If such a creature would be released into society, mankind as a whole would be threatened by an infestation of death, dreaded slavery, and tyranny. So I made a decision. I decided that instead of leading my country politically, I would protect it. I would be doing a greater service to my country by saving them from these creatures than by representing their interest as President.
The opportunity to change my life came abruptly. One night while attending Our American Cousin at Ford’s theatre, which was a delightful play by the way, a young man named John Wilkes Booth, who was also one of these creatures, made an attempt at my life. I lived, but upon the incident I decided to make it known to the public that I had in fact perished at the theatre so that I could pursue my hunting of these creatures without risking innocent minds of the knowledge of these creatures’ existence. Ever since I have been hunting these creatures, even today. These days they are commonly known as “Vampires,” stalkers of the night; disguised as humans being, but nothing alike.
I, Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States of America, am alive and well, hunting Vampires and other forms of evil for the past 145 years, protected by divine powers, but lives in shadow, and although may not be completely accustomed to present day societal life, I will not rest until the evil in this world is vanquished and it’s people living in unequivocal peace.

Can I PLEASE Just See Toy Story Already

I must say I have a had an extremely interesting 24 hours! Let's rewind the clock to 9 p.m. last night.

I'm sitting alone in my room studying my heart out for my coming Chemistry Exam when I get a text message from one of my friends saying that there's a group planning to go see a movie. Now she had heard on the radio that Toy Story 3 would have a midnight showing and so we all wanted to go. I wasn't sure at first, seeing how I have an exam the next morning, but my friend convinced me and at 11 o'clock he picked me up. On our way, I get a phone call. Our group of friends are outside the theatre....there is NO midnight showing. We meet up with them and decide, with it having been our last day of high school, that we should watch one of the other Toy Story movies at our friend's house.
Well, as if the night could get any more disappointing....None of us own the Toy Story movies. For 40 minutes we drive to every corner store in hopes that they sell movies. Most were closed, and the one that wasn't had movies, just not good ones. So in our sadness we decide to go to McDonald's. On the way there we text friends of ours in hopes that one of them has the movie and will be willing for us to go to there house in the middle of night and get it....that didn't happen either.
We eat McDonald's (which is really awesome, especially that late at night) and then decide to go hang out at a park, with swings and such. So we drive to the park that's across from the graveyard on Lasalle. While there we notice a path that leads into this creepy woods (and at this point it's about 1 o'clock in the morning). We decide to walk through it. Now if any one knows me, you know that I am scared of everything. Well, these friends know that about me. We are half way along this path, with no visible street lights, and creepy sounds, when suddenly someone runs towards me acting like a zombie, well you can imagine my reaction. It was the scariest moment of my life. I am honestly surprised that no one near by called the cops, seeing how I screamed for about a minute solid. (Ben, Nolan....this was a thousand times scarier than when Sam scared me, because this time I was outside in a creepy woods....and I honestly thought there was a sudden zombie outbreak).
So after I caught my breath, we all hung out at the park until 3ish and then I went home.

Now let's jump ahead to this morning. I sleep in a bit too late, and I have to rush to get to my exam (which is down town). I take the bus, get there and write it. On my way home, I get a phone call from my mommy saying that her and my brother have decided to go see Toy Story 3, and they want to know if I'll join them. So I do. Well that did not turn out well. We get there for the 3 o'clock showing, and it's only open to schools, all booked up. So once again I am unable to watch the movie :(
So I come home and hang out for a bit. Then my parents leave to take my brother to his drum core camp and I decide to order pizza. I only have debit, but Toppers has the debit machine...YAY! Well, I realize when the pizza gets here that I forgot my purse in the van, so I end up having to pay with change, the guy was NOT happy. But I did get my pizza :D And that was the last 24 hours, bringing you to right now!

Hope everyone is enjoying the last couple of days of high school. SUMMER HAS ALMOST ARRIVED :D

Final day, and some deep thoughts thereon.

Today was it. The last day of class.
Can I get a "Heck yes!"?


That silence was embarrasing.

Moving on, I'd just like to say that I'm proud of what I gained from school... When I first started going 2 years ago, I was a social wreck. Come to think of it I still am. BUT! Now I am a social wreck who is perfectly content with being a social wreck!
And yeah, in truth, I've learned a ton from both going to school, and the social opportunities that arose out of it. A big example of that would be meeting Sharayah and then spending the rest of the summer playing WoW and Gears of war at her place... Maaaan I miss that. Not so much the "Getting destroyed by a girl repeatedly at a shooter game" part... But still!
I came out of all that with the frame of mind that allows me to just speak my mind around others, and be more comfortable in situations outside my comfort zone.
Yaddy Yaddy, Yadda, you dont care at all, moving on!
So yeah, learnt alot in school, and out of it, about being a non-failure. Good times. And in the end, that's what matters a whole lot more than just the academic learning of it all.

I'm not going to miss anybody there. Honestly, I keep to myself and my studies, so asides from a few notable exceptions, I don't really care much that I wont ever be seeing most of those faces again. I think I'll moreso miss the teachers. Maybe it's just my school, the teachers here are all just really awesome people. From spouting out Monty Python refrences, to debating Starcraft tactics, to using Batman as an object lesson... I'm going to miss their teaching quite a bit! (My University professors better be able to top them!)

As far as the actual last day of class goes, it went pretty well... I got to convict my Teacher (Jury arrived with a unanimous guilty, and she was charged under section 12 of the universal declaration of rights and freedoms on the basis that calling Trevor fat was an attack on his reputation and character, and in recompense she must give Trevor 2 bonus marks on the Exam) And I submitted my website... Which you can find here:

Then was Lunch, I got bored of spending that alone so I went home and left all the poor English students to their Exams.

Great! You managed to pull through and read to the end of a totally unenjoyable article! You get +3 points!
(I swear that my next post wont be so dull)


Since yesterday I had the top 5 most annoying youtubers today we're going to look at the top 5 BEST youtubers. Since yesterday I didn't really explain, but a youtuber is someone who is payed by youtube to VLOG about like their lives, makeup, or other things.

5. Joey Graceffa: So basically Joey does the same thing as CTFxC, he just films his day to day life. At the moment he's filming his whole summer. The difference between him and CTFxC is that his videos are short and funny. They don't take up like 15 minutes of your life.

4.Mystery Guitar Man: His videos are just plain amazing. He has some serious editing skills, like no joke its crazy. He can make crazy mixes with the randomest of objects.

3.WinterSpringPro: This is the first channel that Joey Graceffa started before he went solo. With this channel he co-creates parodies to songs. Unlike most other internet parody channels. His are actually good.

2.BrittaniLouiseTaylor: Now I know she was on yesterdays list for being really annoying, but at the same time she has some really good parody videos. All of her videos look very professional so props to her for that.

1.FAILBLOG: Self Explanatory.

Anyway that's about it. Nolans coming up saturday so there'll be some interesting things happening soon.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Soo, its the last full day of school today! Rate this "Pure Awesome" If you like the end of school!
If you dont, it means you hate Puppies.

The day went normally at first (Including the daily Mexican-Killing exercise) until I got to Law. You see, my Teacher (Miss Teddy) put up 10 blank spaces on the blackboard that we were supposed to fill in with questions about the coming Exam... Here's what went on it in the end:

  1. What is the meaning of life?
  2. Page 162 # 16 (kay, there had to be one real one...)
  3. Pie or Cake?
  4. Where is Waldo?
  5. What is Love?
  6. Rate Hitlers mustache on the Richter scale (My contribution)
  7. Pirates or Ninjas?
  8. Did Miss Teddy call Trevor Fat?
  9. Is there an absolute right or wrong?
  10. If a tree falls in the woods, and nobody is there to hear it, did it make any sound?

So, me and my partner in crime,  Andrew Mclean, stood up and taught the class the answers to all these questions.

First, the meaning of life is 42. That's simple.
The second question is too boring to be relevant
Pie. The cake is a lie, therefore Pie.
Waldo is Alex (He was in the yearbook as a Waldo lookalike)
The awnser to "What is Love" is "Baby dont hurt me"
Answers may vary on Hitlers mustache.
Ninjas. Only one guy liked Pirates. And he's a creep.
Here's the interesting one... The reaction was so strong here, because we have been arguing all year over whether or not Miss Teddy called Trevor fat a few months ago... So eventually, it was decided we would have a Mock trial about it tomorrow. Yours truly presiding as honorary Judge. (Means I need to dress formal, so bleh)
Right is defined by what Mike Daoust believes, and Wrong is when people disagree with him
The next one dissolved into arguing and then the bell rang. Verdict is still up.

So yeah, Tomorrow I get to be a Judge! :|

Another Question


Nolan Out!

Top 5 Most Annoying Youtubers.

There's just some things that shouldn't be shared on youtube. Some things we really just don't care about. This is a list of the worst youtubers on youtube, who just have no reason to be paid by youtube.

5. Venetian Princess: First off, she has a weird name.. Like I don't get it. Secondly, all she does is sing parodies of popular songs that no one liked in the first place, except she sings them with a crappy background MIDI track and sings her stupid lyrics while dressing up like a cheesy idiot.

ALTHOUGH the video at the bottom is pretty good. There's a first for everything.

4. CTFxC/CharlesTrippy/Alli: So basically what these youtubers did was video tape their whole lives for a year. When I first started watching them I loved them. I would wait every day for their new video to come out.. They were like my best friends... EXCEPT each and every video they posted would be like 15-20 minutes long. It soon became a chore and I quit caring about their lives. Although they did win a youtube award for videotaping their proposal.

3.BRITTNEY LOUISE TAYLOR: Now I give this girl props for making some really cool parody videos that aren't stupid and cheesy like VP's, but seriously she's like SUPER annoying. She's like one of those happy go lucky people that just piss bitter people like me off. Thats all I have to say.

2.MINXY: MAN, she is so wierd. She's just a FAIL at youtube, yet she gets tons of views because she can't possibly wear big enough shirts. She talks like a child, and makes the dumbest videos EVER. I WON'T even put her picture here because its innapropraite.

1.Asianguy: I don't even know his real youtube name, He calls him the asian guy or something... He swears waaaaaaay too much... Like the F word every minute... Nobody wants to watch that asian man.

Adios Amigos!!

So I have packed my bags said my good byes and I am gone!!! Well in about five minutes. Today I leave for the south. A place where clicks are everywhere, if your not in the "in" group, well your an unfashionable turd. Well not actually that's just Toronto and Kitchener. But I will see people riding around in Buggies, wearing overalls, button up shirts. . That's right my friends, I'm heading for mennonite country! I might also add that for a people who like to go against the flow.....they all flowthe exact same way, I mean a mennonite that didn't wear black pants?? Oh the shame!!! Also, the women know how to eat, like seriously its rare you will find a man that is bigger than his wife. Those women know how to cook and they know how to eat too!! Anyway, that's all for now.


My Night... All Nighter... Again?

So tonight I went to sleep at 9 like a good little boy.. Bahaha! Kidding! Once again I am up at 3am and can't fall alseep.

I'm at the twins house and they both went to bed, What bad hosts, well not that bad they did make me food. But I am watching Movies, and they were watching movies, and they watched half of the Book of Eli with me then they went to bed. Now I am watching the Tooth Fairy and so far it is a very punny movie(Dan you'd love it) and after this movie is over I might go to bed. Might, but not likely! I think I am going to watch Prince of Persia after this movie, for a third time!

Also I just noticed that I would hate being a Tooth Fairy!

Another thing I have just noticed is that I can't blog very well this early in the mornings. Can't concentrate, can't think of anything creative, trying to be funny but failing... I think(I really do sometimes) I am going to just go watch some movies and be lazy! Being lazy is the BEST!

Nolan Out!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh What a Day to Remember..


There's nothing like that feeling of getting out of an exam. It's being cramped in a stuffy room for 2 to 3 hours straining your wrist to write useless things you'll never use in life. Today I finished my final math exam of my high school career. When I got out I went home to enjoy tacos that my mom had made for me. Not too long after I finished my second hard shell taco, Brandon and Jesse show up!

So we enjoyed a few more tacos and then headed off to get some camp stuff done and go shopping for some shoes for Timmy. Little did we know that we'd be stalked and almost kicked out of Winners..

So we were just bored and waiting for my mom, so we started looking at random crap in the store and I tried some hairgel haha (sorry to Fellow Christian for I have sinned...) But yeah, this blonde worker was like looking at us, and then she went to this brunette and was like whispering stuff. So we left the stand we were at and noticed that the brunette was following us... So we all walked in single file and made her follow us through the whole store. We tried to hold in our laughter but could not... me and Timmy were snorting we were laughing so hard.

We then took her through the mens underwear section, she was not impressed... Then we left, changed sweaters and went back in. She followed us again! So we went into an isle and were distracted by fake diamonds... SUDDENLY she was gone... It was the calm before the storm. OUT OF NOWHERE she jumps out "CAN I HELP YOU WITH ANYTHING (rude tone) Then from the right, the Blonde "CAN I HELP YOU WITH ANYTHING" Then as if appearing from nowhere the MANAGER "CAN I HELP YOU WITH ANYTHING"... IN confusion I blurted out "Where's the Mens underwear section"....

What a perfect thing to say when your standing around with 3 other guys... REALLY... 

So our Brown friend helped us to the mens underwear and had a good chit chat with us. We found out that her Co-worker thought we looked suspicious so we had to be followed ( apparently its a store policy) She seemed pretty embarrased, but I bet its the most interesting thing that has happend in her whole year working there.

Btw the Manager was a Binaynay.... She like didn't even crack a smile once and looked like she belonged in a mad house. She smoked too. I guess we stressed her out cause we saw her go out for a smoke right after.

Anyway that was my Winners adventure!

You know what? We are AWESOME!

I uhm, checked with our Irate-Reader-Finder trap that I placed in the blog recently...
The results scare me.

First, here's a map of every different access point since Monday (Rough Estimate, accurate to 10ish miles)

Hello Mr. UK! I'm sorry, but we don't speak British here.

Next up, here's a list of every City that has accessed the Blog:
  • Timmins, Ontario
  • Iroquois Falls, Ontario
  • Kirkland Lake, Ontario
  • Elk Lake, Ontario
  • Sudbury, Ontario
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Earlton, Ontario
  • Cobalt, Ontario
  • Colchester, United Kingdom
  • Lakefield, Ontario
  • Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Lumberton, North Carolina, USA
  • Undisclosed location in Kansas (Browsed from Iphone, can't be accurate)

    And you know what! That's AWESOME. But there's just one more thing that is MORE Awesome:

    The Angry Gnome Robots bring you: A translation!

     Okay, so, we don't normally make direct replies to posts like this (That's what comments are for) But in this case I think I'll make a small exception!

    Babel Fish Translator... GO!

    Today, on April 5, 2030, is the most unhappy day of my life. In a world separated by religion, economy, race and culture, a third world war started. Several countries to fight for a cause forgotten - of Normandy to the streets of Stalingrad, icy mountains of étuvant Nouvag to the deserts, the jungles infested by the insects in the islands of the peaceful one. The world was in war for domination, and today is finally to stop with the nuclear use of the weapons. Fortunately, my life is in place in Paris, the beginning of war France fell vitement, my life is simple, someone else control.
    This makes enough sense, minus a word or two here and there. But what on earth does it mean that at the beginning of war, France fell vitement? Did they get addicted to Vitamin supplements and start a breed of supersoldiers? Is that why France is so well off?

    My life is not like simple. Alive in Mexico, that is near America and unfortunately they are very proud and cause happy, this means that my life absorbs. With this war that happens I am forced to fight, when I do much is rather in France. There somebody controls day, no preoccupations!
    So in addition to having Vitamin enriched Supersoldiers, France can also control the day! AND WITHOUT PREOCCUPATIONS!
    Also, true fact, being near America makes your life absorb. Its because they are so cause-happy.

    My life is in Italy a lot the same one, Europe is worried thus in running the world that I must in order to fight. I wish to be also in France, controlled from a threatening force!
    This guy runs the world? What is he? The Anti-Christ? And Europe is worried that he will soon be forced to fight the French, which he regards as a threatening force... I see...

    I am the Japanese; Like war I pass although it participates in (thing) being foolish, Ken much. As for me although it is very wise, overbusying much, it fights with the movement where these which other everyone cannot do are completely enormous!
    Ohhkay, one thing at a time here. Like War, the Japanese Pass. So if ever you see a Japanese person, take a good look, because he may not be there the next minute!
    Ken Much.
    Soo, everybody in Japan is overbusy, and have trouble moving through the streets because they are so Enormous!

    My life in Germany surprises here. We the naturally control French! This meant that my day cries at the French people is spent, to make me my meals!
    The Plot Thickens! Germany Controls France and their Supersoldiers, and makes French people feed them meals! Also, this German's day cries at the French People.

    I'm Polish , I'm lat życia. Me mówię most complicating języka poważnie is not this most się render który deal że me czuć potężne! Me not patroness With wojen , I'm consumption

    He's Polish. Something is most Complicating! And have you seen that Render deal? Is it not the most! This guy also does not Patroness with... Wojen. Which is the Polish equivalent of Women. This man is also Consumption in Human Form.
    WOW! Poland is a strange place.

    Uhm... Wheres Dan when you need him?
    The World fought ------ below! I Hope I could do the ----- So! Haha! This is Totally the hardest language to learn! You Outpost me don't or Paul John!
    Dont! OR PAUL JOHN!
    Remember this and tell your Grandchildren as a bedtime story to make them behave!

    (Edit: I kinda-Sorta broke the verse of the day widget. I was trying to get rid of that annoying Get Widget button... Please don't hate me! Just repaste the code.)

    World War III

    Aujourd’hui, le 5 avril 2030, est le jour le plus malheureux de ma vie. Dans un monde séparé par religion, économie, race et culture, une troisième guerre mondiale a commencé. Plusieurs pays combattre pour une cause oubliée – de Normandie à les rues de Stalingrad, les montagnes glaciales de Nouvag à les déserts étuvant, de les jungles infesté par les insectes à les îles de la pacifique. Le monde était en guerre pour domination, et aujourd’hui c’est finalement arrêter avec l’usage des armes nucléaire. Heureusement, ma vie est en place à Paris, au début de guerre la France est tombée vitement, ma vie est simple, quelqu’un d’autre le contrôle.

    Mi vida no es como sencilla. Vivo en México, que es cercano a América y desafortunadamente ellos están muy orgullosos y provocan feliz, esto significa que mi vida chupa. Con esta guerra que pasa soy forzado a luchar, cuando hago mucho está más bien en Francia. ¡Allí alguien los controla día, ningunas preocupaciones!

    La mia vita è in Italia molto la stesso, Europa è preoccupato così in correre il mondo che devo per lottare. Desidero essere anche in Francia, controllato da una forza minacciosa!

    私は日本人です; 戦争のように私はばかげた事〔物〕に参加するのにははるかに賢すぎます。 私は非常に賢いのにはるかに忙しすぎて、他の誰もすることができないこれらのすっかりすごい動きと戦います!

    Mein Leben hier in Deutschland überrascht. Wir selbstverständlich controle das Französisch! Dies bedeutet, dass mein Tag Schreien an den französischen Leuten ausgegeben ist, mich meine Mahlzeiten zu machen!

    Jestem Polski, jestem 85 lat życia. Ja mówię najbardziej komplikowania języka, poważnie jest to najbardziej się uczyć, który sprawi, że mi czuć potężne! Ja nie opieki wiele wojen, jestem zbyt długim wciąż uczą moim językiem.

    Thort wort fort fortlort blortlorts! I hort I cort do thort ortgort sort! HortHort! Thort is orttortortly tort hortdort lortgort to lort! Yort ortport me Dort ort Port Jort :D

    "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought,
    but World War IV will be fought will sticks and stones" - Albert Einstein

    The future looks AWESOME!!!!!

    So today there was a meeting of the bloggers. Well some of us(Mike, Nolan, Lauren, and me). After enjoying some overly priced ice cream from the Tim Horton's ice cream shop, we discussed several things about the blog. The first was the wonderfully retarded art of trolling. We then moved on to other things that were not so blog related.

    Anyway, moving on further into the night we discussed some future plans for the blog, and all I can say is that the future is looking good! :) Unfortunately for you, basically all our ideas are just that, ideas! Therefore I will leave you in suspense as to what our next BIG MOVE will be.

    Also I would like to add, if you enjoy the blog or are at least amused by our somewhat pathetic existence, leave a comment( this does not include trolls), vote on the weekly pole! The best thing you could possibly do is tell a friend! get it out there that A Blog of Super Awsomeness exists!

    Anyway, enough sales pitching.
    Peace to all you viewers out there!! ;)

    Tuesday, June 15, 2010

    The REAL Portal 2

    None of that "Hey I'm Nolan, and I'm going to post a 3 year old video and call it Portal 2" Nonsense, heres the REAL deal!

    You Monster.

    Facebook and all its Extremes


    Although Facebook can be a really interesting and fun way to share and connect with your friends, it can also be a real annoyance. Sometimes there's just those things that REALLY get to you. It's almost like a whole different world that you have to get used to. It has almost got to the point where it's like they've shoved over 2 million people in the same house for as long as they want.

    The top ten things that annoy me on facebook:

    10. HAPPY BIRTHDAYS... Really now, its the most useless thing. I can't stand it when it's my birthday because I get so excited when people write on my wall and then I find out it's a meaningless "Happy Birthday." And it even gets worse than that. There's those people who BARELY know you that suddenly come out of the woodwork to wish you a happy birthday. Like no... You are not getting a piece of cake for that.

    9. REQUESTS!!! Need I say more? Really, I don't want to be a farmer, vampire, or gangster. I'm fine the way I am thanks.

    8. USELESS STATUSES... Nobody cares if your blowing your nose, or wiping your bum. I don't care when you work or when you need to take your dog for a walk. Also statuses that are rude or mean or where you're indirectly being mean to someone, or like emo statuses to get peoples attention... And everyone knows as soon as they ask what's going on your going to write back "nothing" to add dramatic effect.

    7. FACEBOOK PHYCOS!!! We all see them... STLEE. ahaha They creep and creep and creep some more.

    6. DUMB QUOTES. These usually appear on girls profiles... They often are about love, nature, and being nice... Yeah... Like girls are never nice.

    5. FACEBOOK LOVERS. Hi. Get a room, or an inbox. Nobody wants to see your yucky comments to each other. LIKE hello. some girls do this because they like to show off that they have a boyfriend (usually the case) and then the guy is just like "whatever". THIS goes along with couples FACEBOOK fights... No one wants to hear it.

    4. DAY LONG RELATIONSHIPS... Seriously don't put it on facebook if you just met the person.. Like really. Or when people break up, and like everyone comments like this ":(" like really... You didn't think they'd be sad. Or when couples break up and they start posting notes and statuses about how bad that person was to them, or when their friends post "oh you can do better dont worry" Because since when did getting the best you could get mean anything.

    3. MIRROR pictures... Unless you have a really cool camera that won't catch the smudges and dirt on your mirror, your failing. (oh and unless your nolan) Girls really... Take a real picture... Mirror pictures are crappy and I don't know who invented them...

    2.STUPID PICTURES... Party pictures are the worst... no one wants to see the gross things you did last night and nobody thinks your cool for being there. Also stupid pictures girls post of themselves, like every day, in like self titled albums and most of the pictures are the same darn thing... Nobody cares.

    1. LIKE PAGES... I like how facebook changed it to liking a page instead of becoming a fan. It's just stupid sayings... And sometimes people use them to express themselves. Countless girls join groups like "stay away from my boyfriend" repeatedly, or they'll join similar groups... JUST to get that clear message to that girl who's movin' a lil' close..

    In conclusion Girls should not be allowed to use facebook.

    THIS is a cool mirror pic.

    Polls Polls, Oh I Love me some polls

    Gday Internet Plebians! The new poll is once again up, which means its time for the weekly poll recap!

    This time around we tied our old record for most votes at an astounding 26! Awesome! I salute you readers, for being so plentiful. Keep up the good plentifulnessism.

    3 Votes (12%)

    Al's Mom
    6 Votes (23%)

    One of Nolan's Sisters
    3 Votes (12%)

    Karl Marx
    2 Votes (8%)

    Mike Wright (Light forbid!)
    4 Votes (15%)

    Sam-You-Al Dee-Rose-Yay
    8 Votes (31%)

    Facts that we can gather from this:
    1. Al's mom should most definitely be a blogger here.
    2. Nolan's Sisters and Mike Wright got wayyyyyy too many votes. I mean, seriously? Mr. Wright blogging here is a scary thought.
    3. Sam, of course, has the most votes. But that was a foregone conclusion... because well, he's Sam.
    4. Not enough people know who Karl Marx is. And we call ourselves Communists! For shame!
    5. Al's mom is more popular than Mike Wright. You may all tell him as much to his face.

    As is the standard, a new poll is now up! Enjoy all!

    In other news: I very much want to see A Team tonight. Simards have abandoned me, so if any of you folk are going, lemme know!

    Isn't Having a License Awesome?

    Hello Readers!!
    This post will be a short recap of my day. I went to school (I'm not home schooled so I actually have to sit in a classroom), and studied for my exams all day (I know boringggg). Anyway, I have a spare last period so I got my friend to drop me off at the mall because I had to deposit a cheque. (A cheque for being AWESOME, and that's right people I have money, so if your nice I may get you a gift :D). Anyway I was on my way to the food court to grab a quick bite to eat before taking the city bus home when I walked by Clair's (for the guys reading this, it's a jewellery store). I decided to go in and check out the selection. While I was there, two girls that were probably 13 or 14 were trying to convince the girl behind the counter that they're old enough (have to be 16) to get their ears pierced. Suddenly I walked up to the counter and pulled out my license, asking to get my ears pierced. It was a strange feeling. It was somewhat powerful. Having a license is awesome!!!! Any who, I ended up actually getting a second ear piercing, which looks pretty awesome :D Now I'm sitting at home, drinking a smoothie, with nothing much to do. And that was my day. I hope yours was more entertaining than mine.

    Models With Umbilical Chords!

    It would be really gross except they have 3DS's attatched to them...

    Models with 3DS's attatched to their stomachs! AAAH!

    Its kind of gruesome.

    Also, Kirby is now made of string.

    Donkey Kong has physics. And bananas. More bananas then physics.

    Metroid is a side scroller...kinda...

    Glassesless 3D. Shiiiny.

    Executives gettng eaten by Bowser. Hmm...

    Mickey Mouse gets his own game! Yay! And paint thinner...

    A new Zelda complete with explosions, swords, slingshots, bows and arrows, eyeball slashing, creepies, suicidal free falls, ETC! No horsies though :(

    Anime crap.

    Anime crap.

    Anime crap.

    Kid Icarus gets a new game. Now we can all look like little men in togas with firey wax wings.

    Mario gets to play more sports at our wim.

    And I hafta miss the Sony presentation :(

    I'll get back to you...

    Monday, June 14, 2010

    Are all nighters bad for you?

    All Nighter are amazing. But make your sleeping pattern a little messed up and now I have to desperately fix it before camp because if I don't I fear I might die forever! Think about how lame everything would get if I died forever? Your lives would almost be meaningless and pointless! And really would you want that? So I am doing the world a favor and not going to Die Forever! Yay!

    Anyways on to something more Important like the Health Benefits of Video Games or lose weight while watching TV... But I wouldn't want to bore the Irate Reader into trolling again... OHH! I know I am going to write about Trolls!

    On second thought I think that pictures just says it all, Just look at those creepy little boogers and why on earth would any want to be a troll? I mean the only thing worse then being a troll would be working with Beatrice in the Electronic Section of Wal-Mart ALL NIGHT!

    Well I guess I just gave into the troll and gave him a reaction eh? Opps!

    Well Thats all I got!

    Nolan Out!

    Best-O-E3 Part Monday

    Gday all, today instead of putting any effort at all to a post, I will simply be recapping on all the best of E3 today...

    I know its rather pointless seeing as YOU MUST HAVE ALL WATCHED E3 LIVE (I mean seriously, your a bad person if you didn't)
    Soo here we go!

    The Best thing to come of Star Wars since Episode 2!

    Only thing better than one Assassin, is a whole gaggle of them.

    Yeah, say what you will about bloody dismemberment, I for one relish it. I wonder if Raiden can pull human spines too! Scorpion style!


    Much WIN!

    Gone Fishin - er, I mean...

    Be back in 3 days!

    I Didn't Mean to Stab him 37 Times in the Chest Then Cook his Hands...


    Thank you Lauren, that was gross. ahah

    So there's a REALLY strange thing I noticed. WHERE DID "KRISTENS THOUGHTS" GO?! I guess "Kristen" ran out of "Thoughts". And that's quite the "Thought" Process. Anyway, where do you guys think it went? We should totally make a POLL about this. It could be like.

    - She flushed it.

    -She lost it.

    -Got lazy and deleted it.

    -It's set to private so only Tyler can see. (even though he'd never read it.)

    -Deleted it because no one on earth wants to know what the heck she's thinkin'.

    Oh OR maybe she realized that she wasn't the FIRST one to use the brilliant Title "Kristen's Thoughts". Check out this similar blog.

    Unfortunately it has a sad side to it. The girl who posted on that blog passed away January of this year. As you can see from the first post. So Kristen, the name's all yours!

    Saturday night was Jesse Fontaine's birthday, it was a grand ol' time except the fact that no one knew they were going to a birthday. It was like a twisted surprise party where the guests get surprised! It was a good time though, there was swimming, chips, cake, and a campfire. Although the best part was the wonderful song that was written for a friend of ours Erica Hurteau.... Who... Desperatly wants a Christian boy.

    Erica wants a Christian boy

    A Christian boy

    She wants anything

    With a purity ring

    On his finger

    Erica wants a Christian boy

    A Christian boy

    On her bed

    Obviously wed

    To HER!

    That's right folks.

    Sunday, June 13, 2010


    So, this morning Sam Desrosiers told Nolan, Ben and I a funny sexist joke.

    "Why are women bad drivers?
    Because there isn't a road between the kitchen and the bedroom"

    I had to leave shortly after to go to work, and while at work I was thinking about this joke as well as the post that Joel made filled with sexist jokes about women (which I can't find anywhere, what happened to it???? or did I imagine the whole thing?). This got me thinking! I decided I would come home and make a super awesome blog post with sexist jokes about men. That didn't happen....
    All the sexist jokes about men that I could find were TERRIBLE. They were either a) disgustingly perverted, or b) stupid. Now, I understand that they were trying to make the jokes as manly as possible (seeing how men are both of those things) but now women have no funny jokes about's sad and pathetic.
    Now about this post, I actually found a really funny sexist joke that I think most of you will enjoy.

    "Why do men like love at first sight?
    It's like same day delivery on your new dishwasher!"


    Now about the title: Carl!!!! This has to do with my disturbing answering of Joel's "finish the sentence" thing. A while ago, my brother, Josiah, showed me two videos on YouTube titled: Llamas with Hats. They are hilarious! Watch them and enjoy. (WARNING: they are slightly disturbing :P)

    I have a question about posting. How do you get a video from YouTube to show up on the post? I know how to put a link to the video, but it would be cool to have the video with the post!!
    And I would just like to add that I feel I should have a Biography paragraph under the "Awesome Bloggers" seeing how I am now one of them :D Just putting that out there.

    Until next time loyal readers,


    Got any Grapes? And a Challenge for Mike?


    I have a new obsession with Gumballs from dollarama...

    Today Timmy, my little brother, insisted I watch the most ridiculous video on youtube. It's called the duck song and its the first result that pops up when you search it in youtube. Sorry I don't feel like going and getting the link for it haha.
    Anyway, MIKE, do you think it would be possible for you to make an IPOD app for the blog? wouldn't that be awesome! It's probably impossible but you may be able to do with jailbreaking and garbage like that. unless Itunes accepted our blog app since we are practically famous!

    But yueeeeeeh that would be super awesome if we had our own app, and it would be easier for people to access the blog, therefore... MORE viewers.

    We also need to discuss advertisements. Where could we advertise out blog to make it more out there, also the content of our blog has to be better, pick topics before you write a blog. We need to write about things that will interest others. Obama, Beyonce, Joel... Stuff like that. So basically anything african american.

    OR you could just be like me and shuffle things up with a couple of swear words and dirty jokes? hahaha :)

    Anyway, to finish of this blog i'm going to make you guys FINISH sentances.

    I didn't mean to...

    FINISH IT with anything, make it as wierd as possible. I will put the winning sentance in my next blog title.

    Motivation is for the faint of heart!

    [annoyingvoice] But I don't wanna write a Blog post [/annoyingvoice]

    But I must, Its what all the cool people are doing... well most of the cool people... Okay so I am the only cool one making a post...

    WAIT A SECOND? Lauren? You're the new intern? I am so confused? How did you? Who let you become a? Ohh Never mind! Welcome to the the blog! And enjoy your internship!

    Hello, my name is Nolan Sarlo and I am a Narcissist.

    Anywho now that I got that off my chest I can get on with more important things, like ME... I'm kidding.

    Imma start writing this post as if it were Friday night.

    So tonight(Remember it's Friday) I want to do something cool, like Vandalize school property, but alas, I can't do something as cool as vandalize school property because it is raining and I don't feel like getting sick or wet. But the biggest reason why I can't is because my parents would kill me if I did anything stupid to the house. So looks like I will have to find something else to do. I KNOW! Tim Horton's! I shell go there and sit for hours and drink coffee!

    Okay now lets move forward till EARLY Saturday morning.

    Okay so right now(Don't forget it is Saturday) I am playing Gears of War 2 and have been playing it for about 6 hours and I used to hate this game but now I don't! I BLAME BEN! Oh my! look at the time its 5:30am and I am hungry and so is Ben. Lets go eat something. Is there even anything open at 5:30am? Who cares lets drive till wii find somewhere that is open... HEY Look Gonga's grill is open! And the rest is history! lets go home and take a nap!
    From those to little Extremely pointless stories I just told you, you find out two things about my life, I love sleep but have this weird fetish for not sleeping? Confusing isn't it? And the other point is that I am a very destructive individual that would destroy school property if I went to school.

    Well that's my motivation lacking blog post for the day!
    Here is a random video...

    Nolan Out!

    Yeah yeah... Welcome aboard and all that...

    Ben has eaten his soup, GlaDOS has had her heart torn to pieces (with every piece thrown into a fire), Dan John has a head full of named hairs, and I just finished watching a rather verb-ful documentary.

    That's right, we have a new blogger.

    And so it seems I am now required by law to welcome Lauren Woods to the list of "Awesome People". Welcome aboard! and be sure to continue practicing your zombie survival skills on a daily basis (As is clearly explained in section 39 of the "How to continue being a blogger" handout.)

    In other news: I am a demotivated cow.

    Dear Blog....

    So I have come upon so many interesting things since the blog first began not so very long ago. One of these things, is the incredible diversity in peoples thoughts and how differently they act when they are not held accountable, or their identity remains a secret. However, I think that enough drama has happened on the blog for one week and therefor, will plunge into this topic on a later date(I would also prefer to make it a Vlog, they are so much more fun).

    Small screaming children.....I'm sure you have all encountered them and in fact, were probably one of them not so long ago. Today I woke up to the sound of such screams, you must first understand that the neighborhood in which I live is teaming with the little scoundrels. Anyway, I looked out my window and saw a small boy, I put him somewhere around the age of 9. He was sitting in the grass screaming as if his WOW account had just been canceled(WOW reference to relate to mike). His mother was equally freaking out and demanding him to come inside. This of course only provoked the already mindless fit and the boy fell flat in the grass. After some time threatening, the mother managed to persuade the boy inside.

    I found this amusing, why? Well for one thing, I was definitely that little turd not so long ago, and also because children have a knack for showing the true ugly nature of just how many people feel inwardly. The difference is that as people age they learn to control it to some extent, and usually divert it into things like trolling, gossiping or unfriendly criticism.

    This is, as always only my opinion and something that I thought rather amusing. The things that can be learned about an adult from a child are quite remarkable. Time has incredible way of changing a person. My, my, the things I randomly think of in the middle of the night :P

    farewell blog readers!
    May awesomeness follow you wherever you go!

    P.S. Big welcome to Lauren our newest blogger :D