Sunday, June 6, 2010

2 Week List

Here is a list of 26 things I would like to accomplish in the next two weeks:
  1. Meet Chuck Norris
  2. Steal Ben's car
  3. Swim Across the Ocean!
  4. Become a Spartan
  5. Find Waldo
  6. Eat a Shot Gun
  7. Hack Mikes WOW account
  8. Jump Over the Moon
  9. Kill Jason Bourne
  10. Win 1 Million dollars from Survivor
  11. Turn Ben's car into a NASCAR
  12. Get to the Holy Grail before Indian Jones
  13. Win the Daytona 500 with Ben's NASCAR
  14. Hold Jack Bauer at gun point for more then 2 minutes
  15. Hack Nathanaels Runescape Account
  16. Be Awesome!
  17. Find Carmen Sandiego
  18. NOM NOM NOM!
  19. Kidnap Mr. Big from Mikes underground torture chamber
  20. Hi-Jack James Bond's Car(s)
  21. Steal all of Nathanael's artwork
  22. Get Joel to come to Sudbury
  23. Convince the Newsboys to live in Sudbury!
  24. Win Fear Factor
  25. Finish This List
  26. Win the Game

P.s. The Next Post will be the 200th Post!

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