Thursday, June 17, 2010

Adios Amigos!!

So I have packed my bags said my good byes and I am gone!!! Well in about five minutes. Today I leave for the south. A place where clicks are everywhere, if your not in the "in" group, well your an unfashionable turd. Well not actually that's just Toronto and Kitchener. But I will see people riding around in Buggies, wearing overalls, button up shirts. . That's right my friends, I'm heading for mennonite country! I might also add that for a people who like to go against the flow.....they all flowthe exact same way, I mean a mennonite that didn't wear black pants?? Oh the shame!!! Also, the women know how to eat, like seriously its rare you will find a man that is bigger than his wife. Those women know how to cook and they know how to eat too!! Anyway, that's all for now.


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