Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Angry Gnome Robots bring you: A translation!

 Okay, so, we don't normally make direct replies to posts like this (That's what comments are for) But in this case I think I'll make a small exception!

Babel Fish Translator... GO!

Today, on April 5, 2030, is the most unhappy day of my life. In a world separated by religion, economy, race and culture, a third world war started. Several countries to fight for a cause forgotten - of Normandy to the streets of Stalingrad, icy mountains of étuvant Nouvag to the deserts, the jungles infested by the insects in the islands of the peaceful one. The world was in war for domination, and today is finally to stop with the nuclear use of the weapons. Fortunately, my life is in place in Paris, the beginning of war France fell vitement, my life is simple, someone else control.
This makes enough sense, minus a word or two here and there. But what on earth does it mean that at the beginning of war, France fell vitement? Did they get addicted to Vitamin supplements and start a breed of supersoldiers? Is that why France is so well off?

My life is not like simple. Alive in Mexico, that is near America and unfortunately they are very proud and cause happy, this means that my life absorbs. With this war that happens I am forced to fight, when I do much is rather in France. There somebody controls day, no preoccupations!
So in addition to having Vitamin enriched Supersoldiers, France can also control the day! AND WITHOUT PREOCCUPATIONS!
Also, true fact, being near America makes your life absorb. Its because they are so cause-happy.

My life is in Italy a lot the same one, Europe is worried thus in running the world that I must in order to fight. I wish to be also in France, controlled from a threatening force!
This guy runs the world? What is he? The Anti-Christ? And Europe is worried that he will soon be forced to fight the French, which he regards as a threatening force... I see...

I am the Japanese; Like war I pass although it participates in (thing) being foolish, Ken much. As for me although it is very wise, overbusying much, it fights with the movement where these which other everyone cannot do are completely enormous!
Ohhkay, one thing at a time here. Like War, the Japanese Pass. So if ever you see a Japanese person, take a good look, because he may not be there the next minute!
Ken Much.
Soo, everybody in Japan is overbusy, and have trouble moving through the streets because they are so Enormous!

My life in Germany surprises here. We the naturally control French! This meant that my day cries at the French people is spent, to make me my meals!
The Plot Thickens! Germany Controls France and their Supersoldiers, and makes French people feed them meals! Also, this German's day cries at the French People.

I'm Polish , I'm lat życia. Me mówię most complicating języka poważnie is not this most się render który deal że me czuć potężne! Me not patroness With wojen , I'm consumption

He's Polish. Something is most Complicating! And have you seen that Render deal? Is it not the most! This guy also does not Patroness with... Wojen. Which is the Polish equivalent of Women. This man is also Consumption in Human Form.
WOW! Poland is a strange place.

Uhm... Wheres Dan when you need him?
The World fought ------ below! I Hope I could do the ----- So! Haha! This is Totally the hardest language to learn! You Outpost me don't or Paul John!
Remember this and tell your Grandchildren as a bedtime story to make them behave!

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  1. Oh my goodness, that is the funniest thing I have ever read. It's hilarious cause I know what it's supposed to say. :P

  2. ughhhhhh...Nolan! It's not cause I don't know how to translate it, I don't know where it starts or stops.