Thursday, June 10, 2010

Anonymous People are Cowards!

I hate Anonymous People who comment on this blog. I am going to get Mike to start tracking IP Addresses. And when we find out who you are we will harasses you through the internet!

Seriously though people if you are going to post a comment GREAT, actually please comment more we love getting comments! Just get a Google account or put your name instead of being anonymous!

Well now that I am done my rant I can be happy again!

That is me being Happy -->

Nolan Out!

P.S. We won't really track your IPs... Or will we?


  1. I actually cant track comments because they are protexored.
    Er, uhm,
    I mean... HA!
    I have found you out! It was all too obvious! We have dispatched AN ENTIRE SQUAD of Angry Robot Gnomes to your location!

  2. Though,
    I don't know what MAN in HIS right mind ever uses such perfect form in grammar and punctuation.

  3. Shhh... Don't tell them that! :D

  4. What the - what are all these gnomes doing in my basement?!

  5. Sorry about my few comments as Anonymous....I'm definitely done with that :D

  6. Sorry about my few comments as Anonymous. I'm done with that :D

  7. Oops...sorry I commented twice, it was on delay and I didn't think my first one went through :P