Monday, June 14, 2010

Best-O-E3 Part Monday

Gday all, today instead of putting any effort at all to a post, I will simply be recapping on all the best of E3 today...

I know its rather pointless seeing as YOU MUST HAVE ALL WATCHED E3 LIVE (I mean seriously, your a bad person if you didn't)
Soo here we go!

The Best thing to come of Star Wars since Episode 2!

Only thing better than one Assassin, is a whole gaggle of them.

Yeah, say what you will about bloody dismemberment, I for one relish it. I wonder if Raiden can pull human spines too! Scorpion style!


  1. Best. Trailer. Ever.

    I love Ubisoft...

  2. Between Motivational Seminars, Laser Tag, and Michael Jackson... I don't think Ubisoft could have gotten any stranger.

  3. Remember Shaun's hair. It can always get stranger.

  4. I bet Altair could have done all that awesome stuff on his own! Seriously though, that was an amzing trailer, and the gameplay I just watched was also amazing O_o

  5. Altair doesn't have Shaun White's hair.