Sunday, June 13, 2010


So, this morning Sam Desrosiers told Nolan, Ben and I a funny sexist joke.

"Why are women bad drivers?
Because there isn't a road between the kitchen and the bedroom"

I had to leave shortly after to go to work, and while at work I was thinking about this joke as well as the post that Joel made filled with sexist jokes about women (which I can't find anywhere, what happened to it???? or did I imagine the whole thing?). This got me thinking! I decided I would come home and make a super awesome blog post with sexist jokes about men. That didn't happen....
All the sexist jokes about men that I could find were TERRIBLE. They were either a) disgustingly perverted, or b) stupid. Now, I understand that they were trying to make the jokes as manly as possible (seeing how men are both of those things) but now women have no funny jokes about's sad and pathetic.
Now about this post, I actually found a really funny sexist joke that I think most of you will enjoy.

"Why do men like love at first sight?
It's like same day delivery on your new dishwasher!"


Now about the title: Carl!!!! This has to do with my disturbing answering of Joel's "finish the sentence" thing. A while ago, my brother, Josiah, showed me two videos on YouTube titled: Llamas with Hats. They are hilarious! Watch them and enjoy. (WARNING: they are slightly disturbing :P)

I have a question about posting. How do you get a video from YouTube to show up on the post? I know how to put a link to the video, but it would be cool to have the video with the post!!
And I would just like to add that I feel I should have a Biography paragraph under the "Awesome Bloggers" seeing how I am now one of them :D Just putting that out there.

Until next time loyal readers,



  1. From ye old Codex of internet tasks:

    "Go ye forth to Youtube or from whence yer video be from,

    Quest ye, for the video of your choosing

    Upon entering the domain of yer video, searcheth ye, for the button which readeth "embed"

    Maketh sure that a color of green your video border doth contain.

    Select ye and Copy the code from the box-of-code-bringing-forth

    Return with godspeed to the realm of your posting and change ye the posting type to "HTML"

    Paste your video with valor. And watch as the preview worships you for your ingenuity.

  2. As for the Bio,
    Email me or Nolan a picture and highly informative-and-not-necessarily true blurb on yourself.

  3. Thanks a bunch! Your form of instruction was highly entertaining by the way :D

  4. This Llamas With Hats video has been brought up in the past. Noob.