Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dear Blog....

So I have come upon so many interesting things since the blog first began not so very long ago. One of these things, is the incredible diversity in peoples thoughts and how differently they act when they are not held accountable, or their identity remains a secret. However, I think that enough drama has happened on the blog for one week and therefor, will plunge into this topic on a later date(I would also prefer to make it a Vlog, they are so much more fun).

Small screaming children.....I'm sure you have all encountered them and in fact, were probably one of them not so long ago. Today I woke up to the sound of such screams, you must first understand that the neighborhood in which I live is teaming with the little scoundrels. Anyway, I looked out my window and saw a small boy, I put him somewhere around the age of 9. He was sitting in the grass screaming as if his WOW account had just been canceled(WOW reference to relate to mike). His mother was equally freaking out and demanding him to come inside. This of course only provoked the already mindless fit and the boy fell flat in the grass. After some time threatening, the mother managed to persuade the boy inside.

I found this amusing, why? Well for one thing, I was definitely that little turd not so long ago, and also because children have a knack for showing the true ugly nature of just how many people feel inwardly. The difference is that as people age they learn to control it to some extent, and usually divert it into things like trolling, gossiping or unfriendly criticism.

This is, as always only my opinion and something that I thought rather amusing. The things that can be learned about an adult from a child are quite remarkable. Time has incredible way of changing a person. My, my, the things I randomly think of in the middle of the night :P

farewell blog readers!
May awesomeness follow you wherever you go!

P.S. Big welcome to Lauren our newest blogger :D


  1. tis blog sux

    get a life noooooobs

  2. Does anyone know where I can buy a large amount of Trinitrotoluene?

  3. Learn how to punctuate. And he obviously did that on purpose.