Friday, June 11, 2010

Do I Have Your Attention?

It's kind of crazy to think of all the dumb things we do in our days. Sometimes your just sitting in that class thinking... "What am I learning here?" There's so many different things we could be doing in our lives than sitting around in school or at home. I frankly don't find my home as a place to relax.. I'd rather be out doing something any day. Sitting at home is not my forte. 

So as I sit here and think I wonder what the heck im doing typing on this blog... Why am I not in a bus terminal ordering pizza? Since when did it become the "easy way out" to believe that God and his ways are something man will never understand? Since when did our churches become boring? Since when did we start ignoring the holy spirit? A gift given by God to comfort us. You know, I was never actually taught what the holy spirit can do in one's life if they let it. I never knew the holy spirit was what God left us to comfort us, and none the less God himself. Since when did we start ignoring verses like Matthew 7:19? Since when did church become a chore?

Why is it that we sing but never raise our hands, never dance, and never use any of the musical resources we have? Who forgot Psalm 150:4? "Praise him with the timbrel and dance: praise him with stringed instruments and organs." Psalms 134:2? "Lift up your hands in the sanctuary, and bless the LORD"

If you find yourself bored in church, then what help is that? Where did theology overtake life application? You know I hear alot of youth studies, and I think, why don't they do this stuff in the main sessions. Believe it or not adults go through many of the same things teenagers do, except they're never taught or confronted about it. We often hide the never changing love of God behind theological and historical sermons. Not to bash those, they are still very important, but where did the love go?

Yes, I know that this post will be controversial, but you know, why not.


  1. Finally, a post on this blog that is truly worth reading. You have my attention!

  2. well perhaps you should should watch my vlog. Its very much worth listening to. :)

  3. I did...did you not see the comment I posted???

  4. Yeah, but not until after I made the previous comment :p