Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ew... I Hate Homemade Soup

I really want pizza, but the word is that we're having homemade soup for supper... WORSE. CLAM CHOWDER. Oh wait... Beef Barley... Or when my mom makes it "Beef Barely" hahhah jk.

So I don't know if I already blogged about this but my barbeque thing was left on, and we breathed in like fumes of propane for like 3 days (only when the wind blew towards the house) and yeah, I was wondering what all the headaches were for. Oh and my cat tried to run away but failed... He got scared and ran back inside.

A couple days ago I bought a PUMA brand t-shirt at winners. (it was five bucks). I haven't worn it yet and yesterday I took off the tag. It was red and seemed interesting so I read it. This is what it says.

Corporate Message:

So You're interested in PUMA? (not really, the shirt was just on sale) Nice Move. You're obviously smart (no), confident (yes but I don't shop for confidence), and know what you want in life. (Obviously I really wanted a PUMA shirt...)

Sure you work hard (I think you have the wrong Joel), but you're no slave to the corporate fat-cats (K, you lost me at cats..) You call the shots (I don't have a gun) You make the most of your chances. (Usually you tend to TAKE chances... Not make them.)

So buy this shirt, it suits you. (No actually it's cheapy thin cotton and it fits wierd. Explains why it was on sale, but thanks anyway.)

That's probably the wierdest clothing tag I've ever read. It sounded like one of those like tapes losers listen to to build self confidence.. "YOU can do it, YOU are great!".

Thank you PUMA for making me feel like a loser.

Anyway, today I won the Music Award at my school, so I was pretty excited, I also got a pen for being on student council (I was useless) I don't remember even doing ANYTHING. We also had elections today, and I got a free waterbottle, and endless freezies, candy, and stickers... I love elections. For school president of course. AND there was no one named Obama.. So I was good.

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