Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Facebook and all its Extremes

Although Facebook can be a really interesting and fun way to share and connect with your friends, it can also be a real annoyance. Sometimes there's just those things that REALLY get to you. It's almost like a whole different world that you have to get used to. It has almost got to the point where it's like they've shoved over 2 million people in the same house for as long as they want.

The top ten things that annoy me on facebook:

10. HAPPY BIRTHDAYS... Really now, its the most useless thing. I can't stand it when it's my birthday because I get so excited when people write on my wall and then I find out it's a meaningless "Happy Birthday." And it even gets worse than that. There's those people who BARELY know you that suddenly come out of the woodwork to wish you a happy birthday. Like no... You are not getting a piece of cake for that.

9. REQUESTS!!! Need I say more? Really, I don't want to be a farmer, vampire, or gangster. I'm fine the way I am thanks.

8. USELESS STATUSES... Nobody cares if your blowing your nose, or wiping your bum. I don't care when you work or when you need to take your dog for a walk. Also statuses that are rude or mean or where you're indirectly being mean to someone, or like emo statuses to get peoples attention... And everyone knows as soon as they ask what's going on your going to write back "nothing" to add dramatic effect.

7. FACEBOOK PHYCOS!!! We all see them... STLEE. ahaha They creep and creep and creep some more.

6. DUMB QUOTES. These usually appear on girls profiles... They often are about love, nature, and being nice... Yeah... Like girls are never nice.

5. FACEBOOK LOVERS. Hi. Get a room, or an inbox. Nobody wants to see your yucky comments to each other. LIKE hello. some girls do this because they like to show off that they have a boyfriend (usually the case) and then the guy is just like "whatever". THIS goes along with couples FACEBOOK fights... No one wants to hear it.

4. DAY LONG RELATIONSHIPS... Seriously don't put it on facebook if you just met the person.. Like really. Or when people break up, and like everyone comments like this ":(" like really... You didn't think they'd be sad. Or when couples break up and they start posting notes and statuses about how bad that person was to them, or when their friends post "oh you can do better dont worry" Because since when did getting the best you could get mean anything.

3. MIRROR pictures... Unless you have a really cool camera that won't catch the smudges and dirt on your mirror, your failing. (oh and unless your nolan) Girls really... Take a real picture... Mirror pictures are crappy and I don't know who invented them...

2.STUPID PICTURES... Party pictures are the worst... no one wants to see the gross things you did last night and nobody thinks your cool for being there. Also stupid pictures girls post of themselves, like every day, in like self titled albums and most of the pictures are the same darn thing... Nobody cares.

1. LIKE PAGES... I like how facebook changed it to liking a page instead of becoming a fan. It's just stupid sayings... And sometimes people use them to express themselves. Countless girls join groups like "stay away from my boyfriend" repeatedly, or they'll join similar groups... JUST to get that clear message to that girl who's movin' a lil' close..

In conclusion Girls should not be allowed to use facebook.

THIS is a cool mirror pic.


  1. Haha...I totally agree with these :D

  2. If I were on Facebook I would "Like" this

  3. Very good Joel!! Awesome as always :D

  4. Were you, by any chance, bitter when you wrote this?

  5. hah, i love it;
    & i am allowed on facebook. picture says it all :)