Friday, June 18, 2010

Final day, and some deep thoughts thereon.

Today was it. The last day of class.
Can I get a "Heck yes!"?


That silence was embarrasing.

Moving on, I'd just like to say that I'm proud of what I gained from school... When I first started going 2 years ago, I was a social wreck. Come to think of it I still am. BUT! Now I am a social wreck who is perfectly content with being a social wreck!
And yeah, in truth, I've learned a ton from both going to school, and the social opportunities that arose out of it. A big example of that would be meeting Sharayah and then spending the rest of the summer playing WoW and Gears of war at her place... Maaaan I miss that. Not so much the "Getting destroyed by a girl repeatedly at a shooter game" part... But still!
I came out of all that with the frame of mind that allows me to just speak my mind around others, and be more comfortable in situations outside my comfort zone.
Yaddy Yaddy, Yadda, you dont care at all, moving on!
So yeah, learnt alot in school, and out of it, about being a non-failure. Good times. And in the end, that's what matters a whole lot more than just the academic learning of it all.

I'm not going to miss anybody there. Honestly, I keep to myself and my studies, so asides from a few notable exceptions, I don't really care much that I wont ever be seeing most of those faces again. I think I'll moreso miss the teachers. Maybe it's just my school, the teachers here are all just really awesome people. From spouting out Monty Python refrences, to debating Starcraft tactics, to using Batman as an object lesson... I'm going to miss their teaching quite a bit! (My University professors better be able to top them!)

As far as the actual last day of class goes, it went pretty well... I got to convict my Teacher (Jury arrived with a unanimous guilty, and she was charged under section 12 of the universal declaration of rights and freedoms on the basis that calling Trevor fat was an attack on his reputation and character, and in recompense she must give Trevor 2 bonus marks on the Exam) And I submitted my website... Which you can find here:

Then was Lunch, I got bored of spending that alone so I went home and left all the poor English students to their Exams.

Great! You managed to pull through and read to the end of a totally unenjoyable article! You get +3 points!
(I swear that my next post wont be so dull)


  1. I said a heck yes, but I'm way on the other end of town, hence the silence :( I have a soft heart for AutoCAD drawings, brings back memories of being in college! (okay, that's pretty sad, lol)

  2. HECK YES! I remember when I was in school!

    P.S. You know that you making that site(And showing me) may haunt you, right?