Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The future looks AWESOME!!!!!

So today there was a meeting of the bloggers. Well some of us(Mike, Nolan, Lauren, and me). After enjoying some overly priced ice cream from the Tim Horton's ice cream shop, we discussed several things about the blog. The first was the wonderfully retarded art of trolling. We then moved on to other things that were not so blog related.

Anyway, moving on further into the night we discussed some future plans for the blog, and all I can say is that the future is looking good! :) Unfortunately for you, basically all our ideas are just that, ideas! Therefore I will leave you in suspense as to what our next BIG MOVE will be.

Also I would like to add, if you enjoy the blog or are at least amused by our somewhat pathetic existence, leave a comment( this does not include trolls), vote on the weekly pole! The best thing you could possibly do is tell a friend! get it out there that A Blog of Super Awsomeness exists!

Anyway, enough sales pitching.
Peace to all you viewers out there!! ;)


  1. Apperantly you have to be 16 or over to get invited to blog meetings...
    I'm just going to go play some Runescape...all alone...

    I'm sure the future holds much Awesome(ness)! Like bagels :)

  2. be 16 or post more often, both will get you in :D

  3. I'm biting back scathing comments. :D

  4. Thanks Guys... Just don't invite me...
    hahahah Jk

  5. I'm with you, Joel! We are the opressed!

  6. Its true you guys are. Its just the way of life, the strong rule the weak! ;)

  7. Well said Comrad! True to the nature of our blog.