Thursday, June 10, 2010


Get off my blog. Parents. 

Anyway so earlier I let a friend post and yeah that's what happened... haha it's a joke, the moderators can delete that if they'd like.

And don't question or judge my Christianity Nor the person's who wrote it. frankly only God can judge me. Thanks. 

Anyway so today I went to school and did all my culminatings and tommorow I get my math one I hope... I went for a jog. it was good haha.

So tonight i'm going to talk on child phases that I never got to participate in...

BARNEY: I don't even know why I wasn't allowed to watch it.. I just wasn't... Maybe it's cause my parents thought it was stupid.

Pokemon!: I always thought it was SOO cool, but again my parents thought it induced fighting...

ARTHUR: So yeah... He was mean to his sister.

SCHOOL: I hate homeschool. No offense.

so yeah thats all I can think of. it's like 10:30 i'm going to bed. 

I hope I don't offend anyone with this post... and if I do suck it up. 


  1. D.W. was a brat who should have had sense beaten into her long ago.

  2. I agree with that statement about DW! :D