Monday, June 7, 2010

Ginger Rash

What is a ginger rash? It's simply a rash you get on your bicep that resembles a gingers bicep all of the time (small red bumps) Many people get these from having dry skin or being allergic to washer detergent.

HATE IS A STRONG WORD BUT I REALLY REALLY DON'T LIKE YOU.... Homework. Yes, I have soooo much homework, crunch time is the worst... It's got so bad that I'm listening to DEMI LOVATO... She only wishes it came naturally. I have to go for a jog for tonight and be in bed early because on wednesday I have the year end performance and I have to kill my songs. Well I don't have to, but you know.. I want a good mark.

What is up with all these Disney girls going bad. Like seriously EVERY single one is like a Hoo-er now. In Ashley Tisdales new song "Crank it up" her second verse says this

Th-Th-This beat is melodic
Harmonic, got me striking poses
I get up on it, electronically feeling so fresh
It's so erotic my body's like a cyclone
I'm like a puppet, can't stop it
Drop it like a stone

It also says in the chorus "Gonna get my girls naughty tonight" What kind of message is she giving her HSM tween fan girls?

Next Vanessa Hudgens. YOUR SONGS sound terrible, and really we all know about the pictures

Miley Cyrus... My personal fav. She's not really THAT bad. all im gonna say

It's like disney is like these girls chasisty belts and then as soon as they finish their contracts they're freeeeeeeeeee... BTW all these girls look like twelve years old.


  1. I voted this pure awesome because of the picture of Taylor Swift! :D

  2. I voted this fail I really have to say?