Thursday, June 10, 2010

A good day, in all.

Sorry, no wit today, just a typical blog update.

Sometimes you just go through a day, and you feel like crap (can I say that or will I have swear patrol down my back?). Sometimes you just go to school, hate yourself for mistake after mistake both in academics and with other people... Then you return home only to find that there's really nothing to do at all.
So you may as well go rot in a pile of degrading cow bodies.

Today, was not at all that!
Today was the opposite!

It was just one of those days where I really felt like God was answering prayer after prayer about even the littlest of things. The whole day at school was filled with accomplishment, enjoyment, and even social aptitude! Something at which I excel in failing!

It struck me though, all of these people I've come to know each day at school... After next week, I wont ever see any of them again in all likelihood. Every familiar face, just relegated to a memory... Its really kind-of depressing... And then the prospect of moving out this summer! I'm not even going to get started with what I think of that!

Hey! You actually read to the end! You get a cookie!

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