Sunday, June 13, 2010

Got any Grapes? And a Challenge for Mike?

I have a new obsession with Gumballs from dollarama...

Today Timmy, my little brother, insisted I watch the most ridiculous video on youtube. It's called the duck song and its the first result that pops up when you search it in youtube. Sorry I don't feel like going and getting the link for it haha.
Anyway, MIKE, do you think it would be possible for you to make an IPOD app for the blog? wouldn't that be awesome! It's probably impossible but you may be able to do with jailbreaking and garbage like that. unless Itunes accepted our blog app since we are practically famous!

But yueeeeeeh that would be super awesome if we had our own app, and it would be easier for people to access the blog, therefore... MORE viewers.

We also need to discuss advertisements. Where could we advertise out blog to make it more out there, also the content of our blog has to be better, pick topics before you write a blog. We need to write about things that will interest others. Obama, Beyonce, Joel... Stuff like that. So basically anything african american.

OR you could just be like me and shuffle things up with a couple of swear words and dirty jokes? hahaha :)

Anyway, to finish of this blog i'm going to make you guys FINISH sentances.

I didn't mean to...

FINISH IT with anything, make it as wierd as possible. I will put the winning sentance in my next blog title.


  1. I didn't mean to comment here.

    Also, can do, very easily. But I can't test such an app, since I have no Ipod. Aaand developing something without being able to test each step of the way is near impossible. Would be like trying to play dodgeball, but with all the balls being imaginary.

  2. Hey I'm pretty sure you can get an iPod touch emulator online.

  3. Maybe after Exams i'll take a look at it. No time to learn a new language for now.

  4. I didn't mean to stab him 37 times in the chest then cook his hands and eat them.

  5. i didnt mean to step on your spleen while having a baby that is quite bright green!