Saturday, June 19, 2010

Half Way to 300, And the Giant Fort.

Hey guys! so we're currently at 253 posts and that was pretty fast compared to previous records haha. Maybe it's because we invited a woman on board... They talk alot so that could be the cause. 

Anyway, so last night I went to Cochrane with my youthgroup to a youth rally. It was of course one of Pastor Pat's (The youth leader and pastor there) masterpieces. I remember in 2009 he created a giant, and when I say giant I mean GIANT snowfort. It was truly insane. You first walked through an underground tunnel decked out with glowsticks for lights. The tunnel was so big that it took about five minutes to go through, once you were through this tunnel you entered into the main area. It was a HUGE auditorium made out of snow, the roof was so big that it needed a tarp to hold it up. At the front was a huge ice stage and SHOELESS playing. It was truly amazing.

This year Pat didn't let us down one bit. He sent out a challenge to break down a fort him and his team had built. Little did we know it was guarded by fire hoses and soggy donuts. That's right... Soggy donuts. Now before you could get to the castle you had to walk down an endless trail. OF COURSE Brandon, Jesse, and I used our creative minds and went to a nearby junk pile, found two bikes and a shield. After fixing the bikes numerous times we peddled our way to victory! Only to realize that by the time we got there the war was over!

Now, the for was HUGE, it was about the size of half the playing field at camp. No joke. It had a sweet gate and a mud wrestling pit where Wally dominated against the other youth leaders! Except one of the youth leaders bridgette, who AMAZINGLY didn't fall down!

I'll get some pictures of the fort up as soon as Breanna Posts them.


  1. Don't you mean Half Way to 500, seeing how 250 is half of 500 and not 300????

  2. I demand to see this Giant Fort.