Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hello 18, and Driving

Hello readers! Sorry for my brief absense. But I'm back and.....

I'm 18 :D YAY!!!!!!!!!

So, I just got back from my first day of Driver's Training. Sooooooo boring.
The guy is kind of funny, but unfortunatly there's this guy in the class who has to talk ALL the time, about pointless things. He thinks he's funny and he even laughs at his own stories, but he isn't funny, so it's just super annoying.
So in the spirit of driving, I decided to post pictures and videos of what I hope won't happen to me. But you never know, I will probably be a TERRIBLE driver.


  1. 18 and only just learning how to drive?

  2. ^ The Government wanted to keep the roads safe as long as possible

  3. Anonymous: I could have at 16, but I was lazy and only got my G1 this past April. I regret it, I should have done it 2 years ago and gotten it over with.

    Mike: Ha Ha Ha....very funny :P