Monday, June 14, 2010

I Didn't Mean to Stab him 37 Times in the Chest Then Cook his Hands...

Thank you Lauren, that was gross. ahah

So there's a REALLY strange thing I noticed. WHERE DID "KRISTENS THOUGHTS" GO?! I guess "Kristen" ran out of "Thoughts". And that's quite the "Thought" Process. Anyway, where do you guys think it went? We should totally make a POLL about this. It could be like.

- She flushed it.

-She lost it.

-Got lazy and deleted it.

-It's set to private so only Tyler can see. (even though he'd never read it.)

-Deleted it because no one on earth wants to know what the heck she's thinkin'.

Oh OR maybe she realized that she wasn't the FIRST one to use the brilliant Title "Kristen's Thoughts". Check out this similar blog.

Unfortunately it has a sad side to it. The girl who posted on that blog passed away January of this year. As you can see from the first post. So Kristen, the name's all yours!

Saturday night was Jesse Fontaine's birthday, it was a grand ol' time except the fact that no one knew they were going to a birthday. It was like a twisted surprise party where the guests get surprised! It was a good time though, there was swimming, chips, cake, and a campfire. Although the best part was the wonderful song that was written for a friend of ours Erica Hurteau.... Who... Desperatly wants a Christian boy.

Erica wants a Christian boy

A Christian boy

She wants anything

With a purity ring

On his finger

Erica wants a Christian boy

A Christian boy

On her bed

Obviously wed


That's right folks.


  1. This picture is going to rank right beside Zombie Clowns and My Prom as far as being the scariest thing I have ever seen.

  2. One sec. I'm about to call Irate Reader's home phone.

  3. this a REAL picture of this Erica person?

  4. Yes? Why you think shes ugly?
    What kind of person are you?


    ps. i got lazy ;)