Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I GOT MY CAMPS... And Stomach Cramps...

Today I decided to stay home, last night I had the runs... Like reaaaaally bad... Like fire breathing dragon bad..

haha you really don't want to hear about it... My stomach just hurts like soo bad.

Anyway... Sean Lee messaged me with my camps!! I'm working 4 weeks, because of my missions trip, family vacation, and another semi-mission to Barrie to help the O'bryne's run their VBS. So my summer's pretty packed. Does anyone know if this summer is a longer summer? I know last summer it ended a week early... Thanks to Obama... What good has he done? NOTHING.

What was Oprah thinking..

Anyway there are only 2 more weeks of school left and frankly I cannot WAIT. Exams just mean you're that much closer to having a life <3

Okaayy, so i'm going to go finish my music project... And all my other homework. FLIPMYLIFE.

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