Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Work and Make Money and Stuff!

Ello readers.
In case none of you have really noticed; I've got myself posting once every 2 days now. My theory is that either Lauren will fill in the days inbetween, or one of the other bloggers will post from the grave and tell us what the afterlife is like!

In other news: I started working at the Credit Union on second avenue yesterday... It's EXACTLY like I imagined it. I sit in a perpetually freezing server room (the servers are air conditioned to prevent heating issues) and write SQL queries to make reports for the bank on various things. It's quite fun actually. I get to browse through massive databases full of personal information and laugh at peoples names!

I also discovered my dad has 3 middle names today. I got bored and looked at his entry, was really surprised to see he had like the longest name within 10 pages.

And now I'm at home doing my usual stuff and working on whatever doomed project strikes my fancy. Seems some things never change about summer.

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