Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Isn't Having a License Awesome?

Hello Readers!!
This post will be a short recap of my day. I went to school (I'm not home schooled so I actually have to sit in a classroom), and studied for my exams all day (I know boringggg). Anyway, I have a spare last period so I got my friend to drop me off at the mall because I had to deposit a cheque. (A cheque for being AWESOME, and that's right people I have money, so if your nice I may get you a gift :D). Anyway I was on my way to the food court to grab a quick bite to eat before taking the city bus home when I walked by Clair's (for the guys reading this, it's a jewellery store). I decided to go in and check out the selection. While I was there, two girls that were probably 13 or 14 were trying to convince the girl behind the counter that they're old enough (have to be 16) to get their ears pierced. Suddenly I walked up to the counter and pulled out my license, asking to get my ears pierced. It was a strange feeling. It was somewhat powerful. Having a license is awesome!!!! Any who, I ended up actually getting a second ear piercing, which looks pretty awesome :D Now I'm sitting at home, drinking a smoothie, with nothing much to do. And that was my day. I hope yours was more entertaining than mine.


  1. That was actually really funny! haha
    I think we chose a good blogger!

  2. Can I get my ears pierced? I have a license. TO KILL!
    Also, a gift would be nice. Like so nice I wouldn't have TO KILL you.
    My birthday is not of importance. If you ask again, I will have TO KILL you.
    Also, OW! Now your ears are shiny :( and in pain.

  3. It actually didn't hurt all that much. And thank you Joel :D

  4. I have Boaters License and a Driver's License does, that mean I can pierce both my ears?