Monday, June 21, 2010

It will only take a minute

So, I'm sitting at my parents computer with near dial-up speed (yes I had to work to get my way to this page) and its the middle of the night. So I have decided I should inform you of my weekend. First, there are several things you forget when you haven't lived at home for some time, things that I have rediscovered.

1. Some people do actually go to bed at reasonable hours

2. Some people have way to much food in there house and its not good for my weight

3. Some people have way to many grandchildren (5) under the age of 8 at there house

4. Grandchildren under the age of 8 are louder than a fighter jet crashing into a barn filled with screeming pigs.

5. I think I realize why middle age men have so much hair loss....they pull it out because of loud children

6. Some people actually are offended when you burp or fart at the table.

So yeah, those were a few things I was reminded of this weekend. I might also add that I HATE childrens swing sets and clubhouses. The weekend that was supposed to be spent relaxing was spent building a playhouse for the small children. Now I didn't have a problem with this untill after 3 hours we had just got the base done. After that I was unimpressed, by the time we finished....late afternoon the NEXT DAY, I was ready to burn it down!!! Not to sound like a lazy bum, but wouldn't a wii have been easier? Anyway, the rest of the weekend has been pretty good and the day after tomorrow I head for sudbury and then Timmins.

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