Thursday, June 17, 2010


Soo, its the last full day of school today! Rate this "Pure Awesome" If you like the end of school!
If you dont, it means you hate Puppies.

The day went normally at first (Including the daily Mexican-Killing exercise) until I got to Law. You see, my Teacher (Miss Teddy) put up 10 blank spaces on the blackboard that we were supposed to fill in with questions about the coming Exam... Here's what went on it in the end:

  1. What is the meaning of life?
  2. Page 162 # 16 (kay, there had to be one real one...)
  3. Pie or Cake?
  4. Where is Waldo?
  5. What is Love?
  6. Rate Hitlers mustache on the Richter scale (My contribution)
  7. Pirates or Ninjas?
  8. Did Miss Teddy call Trevor Fat?
  9. Is there an absolute right or wrong?
  10. If a tree falls in the woods, and nobody is there to hear it, did it make any sound?

So, me and my partner in crime,  Andrew Mclean, stood up and taught the class the answers to all these questions.

First, the meaning of life is 42. That's simple.
The second question is too boring to be relevant
Pie. The cake is a lie, therefore Pie.
Waldo is Alex (He was in the yearbook as a Waldo lookalike)
The awnser to "What is Love" is "Baby dont hurt me"
Answers may vary on Hitlers mustache.
Ninjas. Only one guy liked Pirates. And he's a creep.
Here's the interesting one... The reaction was so strong here, because we have been arguing all year over whether or not Miss Teddy called Trevor fat a few months ago... So eventually, it was decided we would have a Mock trial about it tomorrow. Yours truly presiding as honorary Judge. (Means I need to dress formal, so bleh)
Right is defined by what Mike Daoust believes, and Wrong is when people disagree with him
The next one dissolved into arguing and then the bell rang. Verdict is still up.

So yeah, Tomorrow I get to be a Judge! :|

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  1. I love your answer for right and wrong. Your school is soo much better than mine, my last day was today also, and everyone cried and signed each other's yearbooks :P