Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Models With Umbilical Chords!

It would be really gross except they have 3DS's attatched to them...

Models with 3DS's attatched to their stomachs! AAAH!

Its kind of gruesome.

Also, Kirby is now made of string.

Donkey Kong has physics. And bananas. More bananas then physics.

Metroid is a side scroller...kinda...

Glassesless 3D. Shiiiny.

Executives gettng eaten by Bowser. Hmm...

Mickey Mouse gets his own game! Yay! And paint thinner...

A new Zelda complete with explosions, swords, slingshots, bows and arrows, eyeball slashing, creepies, suicidal free falls, ETC! No horsies though :(

Anime crap.

Anime crap.

Anime crap.

Kid Icarus gets a new game. Now we can all look like little men in togas with firey wax wings.

Mario gets to play more sports at our wim.

And I hafta miss the Sony presentation :(

I'll get back to you...

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