Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Night... All Nighter... Again?

So tonight I went to sleep at 9 like a good little boy.. Bahaha! Kidding! Once again I am up at 3am and can't fall alseep.

I'm at the twins house and they both went to bed, What bad hosts, well not that bad they did make me food. But I am watching Movies, and they were watching movies, and they watched half of the Book of Eli with me then they went to bed. Now I am watching the Tooth Fairy and so far it is a very punny movie(Dan you'd love it) and after this movie is over I might go to bed. Might, but not likely! I think I am going to watch Prince of Persia after this movie, for a third time!

Also I just noticed that I would hate being a Tooth Fairy!

Another thing I have just noticed is that I can't blog very well this early in the mornings. Can't concentrate, can't think of anything creative, trying to be funny but failing... I think(I really do sometimes) I am going to just go watch some movies and be lazy! Being lazy is the BEST!

Nolan Out!


  1. Get to bed! so your ready to come up saturday!