Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Blogger! SALTY

Hello fellow Blog readers!!!

It is I, Lauren Woods. That's right, I am the new Blogger!!! Be excited, very excited :D The guys have asked me to join them for the summer as they venture off to camp!

Tonight I have decided to write a little something simply as an introduction to myself and my pure awesomeness.

SO...months ago I first saw this commercial that I'm sure all of you have seen. It totally made me cry (because I'm an emotional woman) and when I had the chance I ordered my own set of Salty and Peppy!!!! That's right, I actually have a set of my own. I brought them to school once and I had them sit with me for all my classes (I know I'm weird: get over it :P). I then searched YouTube and found that there are more stories about Salty that are awesome :D

Check them out


  1. I guess my blog reading days are over.
    thanks for the ride tho.
    Some Random Guy