Monday, June 7, 2010

A New Poll! And out with the old!

Well it turns out nobody really likes Anonymous. What a jerk!

Unsurprisingly, Dan John and Lauren came out with nearly no votes... I'm surprised Dan got any! I mean, Who doesn't like Dan!

Anywhos, the new poll is up, and it continues the recent trend of voting on people... I can't guarantee that we would necessarily ever even have a 7th blogger... And I most certainly hope its not one of Nolan's sisters... But should be fun to see how the votes roll nonetheless!


  1. Excuse me??? I'm not one of the people who can be voted on??? I should definitely be a blogger on this site!!! I write more than any of you....AND I'm not doing anything this summer so I could totally keep it running while you guys go off to camp :D I love blogging :D

  2. Matt Vukovic doesn't like Dan! oh wait, it's the other way around. At ease.

  3. I believe I should be one of the options, I could so be used as a bridge or a small wall of sorts