Monday, June 28, 2010

Of Birthdays

Interesting thing about Birthdays: thanks to Facebook, it is now the one day of the year when you can pretend your popular! Really, its the only day where people stop and say to themselves... "Whats this? A birthday reminder? Hmmm.... Hey, I remember that Mike kid! He was weird! I'll go wish him a happy birthday and maybe he wont kill me someday!"

Or something like that at least.

Anyway, the day was great! I went to town and forced myself to guzzle down a 4 course serving of Sizzling Wok at the food-court (Yeah, I know its just cheap Chinese fast food... But that Lemon pork is GOOD!), then my Mom took me over to sears for a gift... but I got scared away by these really menacing creatures called price tags. Besides! Who needs Clothing! The only good gift has lots of USB ports and LED lights on it!
After that I came home and... had more Chinese! Except we ordered an insane amount, (like a Sarlo sized helping!). By this point I feel like I've gained 50 pounds.
Then Philippe stopped by, which, by the way, was very nice of him... I think it's the first time somebody's gone out of their way to see my on my birthday! Remind me to buy him a expensive gift on his.

But yeah! A good day in all! Though in retrospect... I really need to question why a guy who pretty much cant taste orders so much food for a birthday.

And so... Onwards towards another year of my life! Maybe this time around I'll die! I'll be sure to blog about it if I do!

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  1. A sarlo-sized helping?! Is that even humanly possible?