Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh What a Day to Remember..

There's nothing like that feeling of getting out of an exam. It's being cramped in a stuffy room for 2 to 3 hours straining your wrist to write useless things you'll never use in life. Today I finished my final math exam of my high school career. When I got out I went home to enjoy tacos that my mom had made for me. Not too long after I finished my second hard shell taco, Brandon and Jesse show up!

So we enjoyed a few more tacos and then headed off to get some camp stuff done and go shopping for some shoes for Timmy. Little did we know that we'd be stalked and almost kicked out of Winners..

So we were just bored and waiting for my mom, so we started looking at random crap in the store and I tried some hairgel haha (sorry to Fellow Christian for I have sinned...) But yeah, this blonde worker was like looking at us, and then she went to this brunette and was like whispering stuff. So we left the stand we were at and noticed that the brunette was following us... So we all walked in single file and made her follow us through the whole store. We tried to hold in our laughter but could not... me and Timmy were snorting we were laughing so hard.

We then took her through the mens underwear section, she was not impressed... Then we left, changed sweaters and went back in. She followed us again! So we went into an isle and were distracted by fake diamonds... SUDDENLY she was gone... It was the calm before the storm. OUT OF NOWHERE she jumps out "CAN I HELP YOU WITH ANYTHING (rude tone) Then from the right, the Blonde "CAN I HELP YOU WITH ANYTHING" Then as if appearing from nowhere the MANAGER "CAN I HELP YOU WITH ANYTHING"... IN confusion I blurted out "Where's the Mens underwear section"....

What a perfect thing to say when your standing around with 3 other guys... REALLY... 

So our Brown friend helped us to the mens underwear and had a good chit chat with us. We found out that her Co-worker thought we looked suspicious so we had to be followed ( apparently its a store policy) She seemed pretty embarrased, but I bet its the most interesting thing that has happend in her whole year working there.

Btw the Manager was a Binaynay.... She like didn't even crack a smile once and looked like she belonged in a mad house. She smoked too. I guess we stressed her out cause we saw her go out for a smoke right after.

Anyway that was my Winners adventure!

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