Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Polls Polls, Oh I Love me some polls

Gday Internet Plebians! The new poll is once again up, which means its time for the weekly poll recap!

This time around we tied our old record for most votes at an astounding 26! Awesome! I salute you readers, for being so plentiful. Keep up the good plentifulnessism.

3 Votes (12%)

Al's Mom
6 Votes (23%)

One of Nolan's Sisters
3 Votes (12%)

Karl Marx
2 Votes (8%)

Mike Wright (Light forbid!)
4 Votes (15%)

Sam-You-Al Dee-Rose-Yay
8 Votes (31%)

Facts that we can gather from this:
  1. Al's mom should most definitely be a blogger here.
  2. Nolan's Sisters and Mike Wright got wayyyyyy too many votes. I mean, seriously? Mr. Wright blogging here is a scary thought.
  3. Sam, of course, has the most votes. But that was a foregone conclusion... because well, he's Sam.
  4. Not enough people know who Karl Marx is. And we call ourselves Communists! For shame!
  5. Al's mom is more popular than Mike Wright. You may all tell him as much to his face.

As is the standard, a new poll is now up! Enjoy all!

In other news: I very much want to see A Team tonight. Simards have abandoned me, so if any of you folk are going, lemme know!

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