Friday, June 11, 2010


How do you post a Non-Serious post after a Serious post? Well let me inform you that it is really hard, I kinda feel like I am obligated to make a serious post...

Okay I'm over that feeling!

Here comes Unserious me with a few rules to help you live life.

Some of these rules are Serious some are not... See if you can figure out wich ones are Serious and which ones aren't!

  1. Cardio!
  2. If at first you don't succeed your not Chuck Norris.
  3. When life doesn't go your way... Get used to it!
  4. Going with the flow only brings you to a place you don't want end up!
  5. When your trying to learn something new use Youtube.
  6. If you can't decide, pick Combo Number 1.
  7. Give emotional girls Mood Rings, So we will be tip off to when they are ticked off.
  8. Facebook makes you a legal stalker.
  9. Portal is not for the faint of heart.
  10. Indecision will not be Tolerated!
  11. NOM NOM NOM!
  12. It is easy to mess up sleeping patterns. Not so easy to set them straight again.
  13. When all else fails see rule 2.
  14. Church is for Cool People.
  15. Real Men ONLY wear pink if they can: Bench Press 260lbs. or Bicep Curl 70lbs.
  16. Those who stick out in a crowed are easily spotted.
  17. Fortune cookies are stupid liars.
  18. Cell phones are useless... Till you own one, then you'd be screwed with out it!
  19. Don't Double Vote!
  20. Why can't we be friends?
  21. Always Log out of Facebook or ELSE!
  22. Becoming a Blogger is not easy.
  23. Running a Blog is harder!
  24. Becoming ripped is 90% will Power 8% diet and 2% Gym.
  25. Violence was the Answer, is the Answer, and will be the Answer!
  26. Buying a T-Shirt Makes the Bloggers do cool things!
  27. Fat people ALWAYS know how to make AWESOME food!
  28. "Laughter is the best medicine" This statement I found is True!
  29. Music can turn a bad day into a good day.
  30. Does anyone really "Safely Remove" hardware?

Nolan Out!


  1. I safely remove hardware... Its actually important, or you frag the drive a little each time.

  2. I liked your Mood Rings reference. GO RELIENT K.....who, by the why, I totally got you addicted to :D I am awesomeness :D