Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Brandon Powers for Next Blogger

I remember making a post

and then it got deleted i think?

DID someone delete my post?

Maybe I dreamt it... ANYWAY today was the final performance of the year for my performance class, and all went well except the duet I sang with julia, which FAILED. BLAMPH. We both started singing opposite parts and it was just oh so... fail. 

The rest of my day was a drag, I did a math assignment in my healthcare class and now im working on an essay for my peer tutoring class... PLUS I need to go for a jog... OMGOSH IM GOING TO KILL THE SCHOOL SYSTEM. Why make culminatings so close to exams... I'll chop your faces off.

Someday I will be a teacher (probably not) and I will NEVER give my kids culminatings. I think that's one thing that french schools have right, they dont do culminatings. LOOK if they can think of it english people can too.


  1. They don't do culminatings because their too busy running from responsibility. Just like they run from everything else.

  2. hey thats racist against frenchies!

    if you have any rude french remarks, i will be quite upset; my great great great grandma was a french viking and her ghost will smack your face.

    p.s. dont french people make good fries!!??!?