Monday, June 21, 2010

Round 2! Ready? FIGHT!

Another Poll bites the dust today. Yes, I know, its sad. It was a good poll, and i'm sure we'll all miss him/her.

But, for once, the verdict is inconclusive! After a massive, record-breaking 34 votes, here are the results:

12 Votes (35%)

Abraham Lincoln
2 Votes (6%)

Eric Idle
0 Votes (0%)

Nate Elliot
12 Votes (35%) 1 Vote (3%)

Shigeru Miyamoto
1 Vote (3%)

Sparky The Fire Safety Dog.
4 Votes (12%)

3 Votes (9%)

And as always, here's the facts we can gather from these results:

  • Nate Elliot is a morally decrypt and Smelly fool
  • Abraham Lincoln isn't as popular as he used to be. Better luck next election Abe.
  • Eric Idle has become the first poll option not to receive any votes! Which is strange.
  • Nathaniel or Keegan aspires to be a Japanese game designer who loves puppets.
  • More people want to be like Hitler than Abe! THIS IS WRONG
  • Sparky The Fire Safety Dog is quite the rolemodel!
  • And finally, Nate Elliot is generally pathetic.
  • Also, Batman is better. In every way. And the votes never came close.

 Yeah, maybe I tinkered with Nate's count a bit... *sigh* BUT ITS JUST NOT RIGHT! NOT AT ALL!

Batman is an emblem of Awesome, a Proponent of Justice, a Symbol of all things bad guys should fear...
And Nate? He aint nothing but a scrawny kid with a strange sense in clothing.

So what gives! This demands a round 2!
And so, let me present to you all the first poll with only 2 options:


  1. id like to say 2 things
    other then stating im fairly more awesome then u perceive me
    u still havent spelt my name right
    second im kinda saddened by the lack of love goin to shingeru the guy made mario

  2. Third, Voting on yourself 5 times kinda ruins the whole thing.

  3. which i did not do
    honestly, theres a small town called burkes falls
    they think im awsome i told them about ur blog and the polls