Wednesday, June 23, 2010

School Highlights

Well then, Poll Shenanigans aside now, lets move back onto the more blogsman-like posting shall we?

School is out. Its Done. I took a picture of it as I left and then never looked back.
If my dad ever asks me to help him work there, I will refuse because I don't intend to ever step foot in that Light Forsaken place ever again.

Of course, that's not to say it was all bad... Sure, I hated having to sit around doing nothing every day at lunch, or endure Mr. Martins somewhat pitiful excuse of teaching in Tech class... Or even just putting up with people in general.
(People are nasty and generally smell bad. But they also catch fire easy!)

But yes, it wasn't all bad. Some days made the whole thing worth it... Usually at the cost of my grade but hey, whatever.

Some examples of these moments that made school worthwhile include:

Writing an essay about Gun Control based on the argument that we need lighter regulations if Canada is to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse. (For some reason, I still got an 80% on that!)

Creating an animated 3D chart instead of using bristleboard. That was Great. What was not great was having my teacher hug me in front of the class. That was awkward.

Turning Math class into Starcraft Tactics class! We had a young student teacher come in for two weeks... Me and 2 other guys discovered he played Starcraft, and from then on very little math was done.

Having a mad Scientist teach me Calculus.

Meeting Sharayah, then talking about WoW for hours on end every day. (You in the back, shut up)

Creeping random people out in the hallways by looking REALLY serious and depressed then Glaring at them. And finally bursting out laughing after they pass.

Being a Judge and Convicting my teacher

Refusing to answer a homework question seriously because I had done it 3 times already. The question was something like: "Was the World Health Organization's SARS travel warning warrented? Did the media over saturate the issue? And what steps can be taken to avoid racial bias in situations like the SARS epidemic"
To which I replied: "No, but in truth SARS was just a cover-up for a Martian Invasion, so it was warranted." "Yes the media did cover the outbreak to an excess, but only because the government wanted people to fully believe the story" And "Who cares. After WW3 race wont matter anyway since we'll all be mutants."

Growing facial hair and becoming instantly popular for a day. I mean seriously, what is with that? I honestly just forgot to shave for a few days... It dosent even look nice.

And finally, the last moment of the year. Right before Exams start I say to the class: "Goodbye all, you probably wont ever see me again. Best of luck with Life and all that" And then walking out to take my exam in the resource center (Computers are always better for exams with essays)

Yeahhhh... Good times...

Anywhos, what about you, neverpresent readers? Whats your best memory of school?


  1. I write about abandon blogs, and I actually stumbled upon your site while doing a search for "hippo racing". Normally I rip teen blogs apart for their deep-seeded hormonal babble that leads to attempts to write meaningful poems (which usually ends up falling into the Vogon Poetry category). But your site is quite entertaining (And I like the Dancing Monkeys video).

    So, in answer to your question: What is my best memory of school? There are three.
    1. Cheering on my friend as he chased PDA couples down the halls with a spray bottle yelling, "Bad! Bad students! Not in the school!"
    2. Playing Marco Polo in a crowded common room by myself as part of a sociology project requiring we do something socially unacceptable. I think tackling random people and yelling, "Gotcha!", qualifies.
    3. Acting out the last scene of Romeo and Juliet in English class. My teacher declared himself the Prince, jumped onto his desk brandishing a yard stick, and promptly decided there were not enough dead bodies in the scene. Several of us quickly volunteered, and proceeded to gag and twitch throughout our teacher's monologue. We got extra credit.