Friday, June 18, 2010


Since yesterday I had the top 5 most annoying youtubers today we're going to look at the top 5 BEST youtubers. Since yesterday I didn't really explain, but a youtuber is someone who is payed by youtube to VLOG about like their lives, makeup, or other things.

5. Joey Graceffa: So basically Joey does the same thing as CTFxC, he just films his day to day life. At the moment he's filming his whole summer. The difference between him and CTFxC is that his videos are short and funny. They don't take up like 15 minutes of your life.

4.Mystery Guitar Man: His videos are just plain amazing. He has some serious editing skills, like no joke its crazy. He can make crazy mixes with the randomest of objects.

3.WinterSpringPro: This is the first channel that Joey Graceffa started before he went solo. With this channel he co-creates parodies to songs. Unlike most other internet parody channels. His are actually good.

2.BrittaniLouiseTaylor: Now I know she was on yesterdays list for being really annoying, but at the same time she has some really good parody videos. All of her videos look very professional so props to her for that.

1.FAILBLOG: Self Explanatory.

Anyway that's about it. Nolans coming up saturday so there'll be some interesting things happening soon.

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