Saturday, June 5, 2010

Some gibberish I threw together!

So yesterday was kinda fun.

To start things yesterday was my last day of work at A&W forever! It kinda makes me sad no more money, but then again on the bright side I don't have to work anymore and that makes me happy!

So last Night Me, Ben, and Becky Cornthwaite we all hung out first we went to the Underground Cafe and had a blast and Becky even got a free CD and I bought every Brownie Explosion and they were AMAZING!

After that we went to the cancer walk at Cambrian and made fun of the band that was playing because they sucked. We also got very wet because it was raining! Becky scared some girls that were hanging in a tent and I wanted to throw some cake at a window but Ben is a party pooper!

Then we went to Mels and crashed her birthday party and watch Untraceable with them all! And in my life time I have only been to Mels house 3 times in my life and every time I go we watch Untraceable, Not complaining it is a good movie!

Well Tonight is the newsboys concert and it is going to be awesome and I am very excited!

Well it is supper soon so I better go!

Nolan Out!

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