Sunday, June 27, 2010

Staying up

So there's still one thing that I've never done successfully before... and that's stay up all night.

Never really had reason to I suppose, it's mostly a stupid idea. Less efficient use of time is really about all it amounts to. But hey, I start work on Tuesday and after that is University so I figure this might be my last chance to go ahead with it and have no repercussions.

And so, here is my hourly log, updated as each hour passes by:

I finished watching some Star Trek Voyager with my dad, and then went over some of the preliminary scripting of Act I of Moonlaser. What this means in English, is that I'm sitting here experimenting with crap to see what would work well in a game. One of the ideas I've hit upon is using different expressions on the faces for Nolan or any other main characters. Which means I'm going to need to get him to do some picture taking sometime soon. (Nolan loves to take pictures of himself, he has a hidden collection of them and normally falls asleep admiring his own likeness)
By the end of the night I want to aim for being 1/4th done all of the programming for the whole game. It's an absurd goal, but hey Will Wright (The guy who made Sim City) used to say: "Reach for the moon, expect dirt, block in somewhere in-between).
Worked for him. He's a bloody millionaire now.

Working on the first puzzle of the game, I need to program a keypad.I'm doing so from the ground up, so its quite a bit harder then it might sound. The engine is NOT made to do this sort of thing, but i'll coax it out somehow!
As far as coping through the night goes, I'm faring well so far, but that's not surprising, seeing as I'm up till 3:00 AM most days anyway.

I'm done that keypad now, moving on to the second set of puzzles. But you know, eventually I hope this game gets done, so maybe I should stop writing about exactly what I'm doing! And while were on the subject, if there's are anybody out there who is decent at both correcting bugs and spelling, send me an email at
I really could use somebody to test Act I, just as soon as I finish it of course.

Matt came down and attempted to forcibly turn off my computer. He wants to murder me today because I accidentally cut some plastic off a case to a new game of his. Sooo he tried to push the power button, but of course, my computer needs to be hotwired to turn on or off, so that didn't accomplish much. Afterwards I moved my rig into my bedroom and continued working.

Still at it, making alot of progress, pretty much over half way done towards my goal. Getting harder to concentrate, and even harder to be witty. I hope the quality of the work doesn't suffer at all. Also, I went to the toilet and ended up sorta half falling asleep there... Just thought i'd throw that in.

Slowing down... My eyes hurt so much, and my brain cant hold a decent line of thought. Why am I doing this? Can I go to sleep soon? Will I ever sleep again? What is sleep?

The Sun has come up, so I'm being really cheap and calling it a night. Goodnight all, wake me around 7 PM tomorrow.

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  1. FAIL...
    I consider an all nighter when you stay up until the following evening. Meaning you're awake for like 36 hours. That's a TRUE all nighter.
    I'm good at spelling and I have nothing better to do with my summer, so I'll test it if you'd like :D