Thursday, June 24, 2010

Survivors Log

Day Two; 25 hours, 2 minutes after escape.

This is the journal of one who has found himself free from the icy grasp of that institution known as Highschool. I submitted myself to that system for a few years of my life... Years I fear I will never get back. The atrocities I witnessed there, the gross amount of horrible loss and disrespect for our human rights... It's all etched in my mind permanently. But no more will I need to endure, for now, like a man saved from vampires by Abraham Lincoln once said: I am free.

It's hard to describe really, this feeling of total freedom. It's almost as if I never actually went to school and had to see the daily whippings, execution of Mexicans for sport, or unfair homework assignments. In fact, my mind is still struggling with the idea that I don't have any more slave labor to do. I even found myself recently sitting at my work table and reaching for my binder to try and start work for the day... only to realize of course that I had none to do! It took me a few minutes of stunned silence to fully comprehend this.

If One stays in an institution like that for so long it inevitably begins to be all he knows, all he's capable of. Life without it seems dull and slow, you begin to miss the beatings and even the dreaded "Essay Projects"... Well maybe not the Essays. Those were a pain.

My time is mostly being filled by idling about, trying to comprehend this total lack of responsibility. I stayed up till 3 last night. 3 AM. AND I WOKE UP AT 12:30. THAT'S LONG AFTER SCHOOL STARTS. But Aye, besides destroying my sleeping habits, I'm also putting this new-found time into a certain Laser of the Moon variety.

Stay safe, and to whoever finds himself reading this humble log, if you're still in school, remember: They may take away your liberty, your time, and possibly your left arm, but they will never take away your freedom.

Or maybe they will. They're jerks like that.

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