Friday, June 11, 2010


Hey guys, so this is going to be short but it's just a suggestion. Me and Brandon and Jesse were all hanging out after school and were wondering why the heck the T-shirts were like 40 bucks. I know that the actual shirt itself is like 15 bucks and then the profit made by then you can add yourself. ?But seriously I think that the prices should not be like 30 stinking dollars... No one is going to fish that outta their pocket, although the designs are awesome and I really want one <3

We should just lower the price to 15 bucks again, cause really we just need to advertise before we make money! 

It's just a suggestion and i'm not sure if what i've said is exactly how it works but nathaniel just comment with the deets, thanks!


  1. *Sigh* I wish it were this simple, Joel. As it is, we make $2.00 a shirt. Sad, isn't it? We don't have complete control over the price. If you buy 300 then you'll get a good discount though :D !

  2. haha Oh, have you tried spread shirt?

  3. if they were 15 bucks id buy one!!( just sayin )


  5. Nathanial, send me all yer designs to my email. I'm working on a store with $15ish Tees and no American shipping.

    The current store would run you $85 a tee after shipping, handling, border fees and the stores additional service fees.

  6. Matthew 19:26B
    " with God all things are possible "