Thursday, June 17, 2010

Top 5 Most Annoying Youtubers.

There's just some things that shouldn't be shared on youtube. Some things we really just don't care about. This is a list of the worst youtubers on youtube, who just have no reason to be paid by youtube.

5. Venetian Princess: First off, she has a weird name.. Like I don't get it. Secondly, all she does is sing parodies of popular songs that no one liked in the first place, except she sings them with a crappy background MIDI track and sings her stupid lyrics while dressing up like a cheesy idiot.

ALTHOUGH the video at the bottom is pretty good. There's a first for everything.

4. CTFxC/CharlesTrippy/Alli: So basically what these youtubers did was video tape their whole lives for a year. When I first started watching them I loved them. I would wait every day for their new video to come out.. They were like my best friends... EXCEPT each and every video they posted would be like 15-20 minutes long. It soon became a chore and I quit caring about their lives. Although they did win a youtube award for videotaping their proposal.

3.BRITTNEY LOUISE TAYLOR: Now I give this girl props for making some really cool parody videos that aren't stupid and cheesy like VP's, but seriously she's like SUPER annoying. She's like one of those happy go lucky people that just piss bitter people like me off. Thats all I have to say.

2.MINXY: MAN, she is so wierd. She's just a FAIL at youtube, yet she gets tons of views because she can't possibly wear big enough shirts. She talks like a child, and makes the dumbest videos EVER. I WON'T even put her picture here because its innapropraite.

1.Asianguy: I don't even know his real youtube name, He calls him the asian guy or something... He swears waaaaaaay too much... Like the F word every minute... Nobody wants to watch that asian man.

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