Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A week in Timmins...

So I apologize for my lack of posting, and if you are getting upset well I did tell you I was leaving.

Anyways my week in Timmins so far has been AMAZING. And I guess I should start at the beginning...

So The 1st part I'd like to mention of this trip is the fact that I really dislike buses, but more then buses I HATE trees. I know, I know save the trees and all that crap, but like COME ON there are so many trees between Sudbury and Timmins... I Nolan Sarlo Support Logging... 

So once I got to Timmins Joels brother James, Beatrice, and Jenna came to pick me up at the Bus station and brought me to Joels house where at least half of Timmins was just chilling. So for the rest of the night we just chilled.

On Sunday we went to church. They had lunch-in at church. I ate food at Church. After church we were supposed to go and hang out with some other friends but that didn't happen, me and Joel started talking and missed the bus. Then at 7 we went to a BBQ and ate more food. Then we came back to Joels house and watched a Movie. Then we went to bed. (This I found out was opposite Sunday, See below for my Opposite day list)

On Monday we had to wake up early to Re-Shingle Joels roof... I did not wake up early. I also found out that using a wheel barrow makes you look like your working when you really aren't. After those happenings we all headed over to watch a Skateboarding competition. It was fun. then we went to Breanna's school's award ceremony, I'd tell you want she won, BUT SHE GOES TO A FRENCH SCHOOL! 2 Hours of nothing but this guy speaking French, IT WAS UBER BORING! But after that we went to Breanna's house and went swimming and bonfire and hangout. Then we left and went to Jesses house and Sat in a sauna for like 3 hours, it was AWESOME.

And right now I want to go to sleep...

P.S. here is my Favorite  stuff about Opposite Day:

  1. Roofing a House.
  2. Being Beatrice's Friend, She's SO pretty.
  3. I Love Couples, No Need for Bible Space.
  4. Muti-Tasking for The new iPhone is AWESOME.
  5. Pooping my Pants in the bath tub.
  6. Falling in the Mud
  7. Getting a Nail stuck in my foot, This is the Best.
  8. Lame Movies
  9. No Cell Service
  10. Trees, GO GREEN!

Nolan Out!

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  1. 11: Staying at home studying for Exams and listening to peoples adventures