Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Who cares if there's a potentially poisonous gas that could cause an explosion....as long as I get 5% off

Hello Everyone! So sorry for my absence the last couple of days. I had a really busy weekend. I studied....A LOT!

So let's start with yesterday. I go to work and it smells like there was an electrical fire, but worse. My eyes were burning and I couldn't breath. So we had to call the fire department. They sent 5 firetrucks, you know in case of an explosion. Anyway, then we had to kick out all the customers (Who, by the way are INSANE) Instead of leaving (like NORMAL human beings) they demanded to know what the clothes were being marked down to so they could save money, they were doing this while outside because the firefighters were inside dealing with the problem. They were such a pain. They didn't understand that I need a computer to know the mark downs....and I was OUTSIDE. Not to mention the fact that there was something seriously wrong with the air supply in our store, but nooooo discounts come first. Seriously!
Anyway, it ended up being nothing. We turned off the air conditioning and the light that was producing the smell and let the customers back inside, the remainder of my shift was spent behind the building (and I got paid for it), so pretty awesome job in my opinion.

I had my last exam of high school!!!! That's right, I am officially done with high school and all the drama that goes along with it. After wards my friends and I decided to go to Kelsey's for a celebratory lunch. After eating our meal, the workers came out and sang Happy Birthday to me (since I'm turning 18 THIS Friday.... I know sooooo exciting!) And it was a complete shock for me, it was nice to be remembered :D
Now I'm at home. I just finished reading everything that people wrote in my yearbook, I am still tearing up :(
On one hand it's awesome leaving, yet it's sad saying goodbye to all the people I've come to love. I hope everyone had/has an awesome last day of school. SUMMER TIME HAS ARRIVED

Until next time!
Lauren (or what my friends at school call me: Buffs!!!)

Now I know there wasn't actually a fire, but I thought these were pretty funny :P

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  1. So you survived a gas cloud, a horde of deranged customers, and highschool! Not bad for two days.