Tuesday, June 1, 2010

YAY!!!! more work........

So today at kickboxing (I know its all I talk about but its basically my life right now) We had a most interesting class. First off I forgot my pants at home and had to drive back and get them. I discovered that the only thing possibly worse than Sudbury covered in construction.....is sudbury covered in construction DURING RUSH HOUR!! Anyway when I got back in time for the next class Al basically talked the whole class. He was talking about the future of the fighters in the club and some plans he's made for them. I discovered several things.....

1. If I want to go in the ring I have a @$#!(censored by blog law) load of work ahead of me. This will include my time while at camp. Apparently Al may be developing a workout schedule for me to do so I don't get out of shape at camp.

2. I have a better side kick than Al (like he actually said I did)

3. Theresa (55 year old woman) is the most committed person in the club. Like shes crazy she comes to like three classes a day.

4. Al's mom has seen my fight and on this Blog (have to watch when your coach has his mom keeping an eye on you lol jk)

If I go to a fight in the fall its probably going to be a good 14 hour drive.....AHHHHHH!!!!

Anyway thats the update on my kickboxing.


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