Friday, June 4, 2010

You all get lumps of coal! SHARP ONES!

Gday Internet Plebians, I once again join you all and offer you this fine blog article in exchange for your soul and total servitude! The choice is an easy one obviously!

Life's going the same as always. For every good day there's always going to be one or two nasty ones to counterbalance them (Protip: If I don't post in a day, it means I'm either depressed, busy, or both). But that's just the nature of life, aye?

On an entirely different topic, I'm still disappointed with the lack of posts going out from all of you peoples. Is it really so hard to throw together some gibberish and make a post every day? I know that's what I do. It's at a point now where I'm not even aware of what I'm writing... I just write and you end up with these proofs of genius!

In other news, I'm working on posting something really big this Sunday if all goes well... I've been putting a whole lot of work into it, and hopefully you will all not hate it so much as to deter me out of continuing it... But I speak in code! You'll all hopefully see what I mean by the end of this weekend!

Stay informed all! Know that the only advantage you have over the undead horde is your cunning!

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