Thursday, June 3, 2010

On The Subject of Insects...

You know, ants are interesting creatures. They work and work and work just to get stepped on by the giant shoe thing descending from above. Of course, the shoe ueusally only crushes the side entrance, squishes a few workers, and maybe blocks up a hole ore two, but still. We can learn a thing or two from ants. Such as, don't build your house on a sidewalk, a driveway, a football feild, or the aardvark exhibit in the local zoo. And ever so popular, magnyifying glasses can burn you if you're not careful.

Hi. My name is Nathanael. I write in a blog. All my artwork is original, so please stop asking what website I got it from ( or at least, please start asking me what website I got it from so that this last request can apply to you. It certainly doesn't apply to anyone else). I'm a nerd, but not as much so as awesome as one who plays World of Warcraft. I play Runescape. A sufficiently cool game that proves there IS a fate worse than death.


(Runescape talk Edited by Mike Daoust to favor WOW)

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